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Acoustic “Egg Box” Style Foam Install Guide

Download this as a PDF file HERE

For temporary fixing, the tiles can be glued using our easy to use aerosol adhesive Sta-Put to a panel of thin ply or MDF so that they can be hung from suitably placed hooks on walls.

For a permanent bond, the tiles can be glued directly to the ceiling or walls using the same adhesive without any additional backing. Do not mount the foam on top of electrical outlets or electrical wires (cut out adequate access holes around any outlets). For professional looking cuts, try an electric knife instead of utility knives and scissors. (Scissors and utility knives often leave a jagged edge). Cigarette smoke, sunlight, fluorescent lighting, and heat may cause discoloration or fading of foam (this is typical with all types of sound absorbing foam). Mount the foam away from direct sunlight because the UV in sunlight will distort the colour over time. Do not open near computers or other sensitive electronic equipment. Potential static electricity build-up during packaging and shipment may cause harm. For drop-ceiling applications, cut to fit and mount the foam to inexpensive ceiling panels so that the panels can be easily removed and installed to “tune” a room to your preference (swap with normal panels). Hang the foam over a table’s straight edge and use it as a guide to cut long straight edges (technique works very well with an electric knife). WARNING: Keep away from flame and heat sources, although flame retardant, all brands of polyurethane foam can burn if subjected to enough heat. For any further help or advice call our technical team on 01993 704981