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Floor Soundproofing Products and Part E for Separating Floors

Soundproofing floor products and materials, soundproof floor materials, soundproofed floors stocked and supplied nationwide.


quietfloorPLUS1 Floor productsQuietfloor

A 15mm thick replacement acoustic underlay for carpets which is effective at reducing both impact and airborne noise through floors.  No additional underlay is necessary.

sbm1 Floor productsSound Barrier Mats

SBM5 a 2mm thick, heavy sound barrier mat designed to add mass to timber floors resulting in reduced  airborne noise and more efficient when applied in multiple layers.  The more layers you have the better the  soundproofing of a floor becomes.

tecsound nav thumb 0021 Floor productsTecsound T50

A sound barrier mat that is also non-flammable and available plain or self-adhesive and in 6m rolls but otherwise can be used and performs similarly to our popular SBM5

r10thumb 0001 Floor productsR10

This is the recycled resilient insulation that should be used to decouple a floor from the base floor creating a ‘floating floor’.  For best results this product should be used beneath our tongued and grooved QuietBoard.

g81 Floor productsG8

Our G8 is another recycled product but thinner and designed for use beneath concrete screeds to help meet Part E of the Building Regulations for the control of noise through concrete floors.

quietboard1 Floor productsQuietboard

A heavy acoustic floorboard with tongue and grooved joints for use on timber joisted floors to add mass to help reduce airborne noise.  To obtain the best acoustic results QuietBoard should be used as the base floor on top of joists and also as a floating floor on top of R10 mentioned above.

Acoustic Underlays for Carpet, Laminate Floors and Lino or Vinyl 

a101 Floor productsA10

A 10mm acoustic underlay comprising recycled rubber and jute to form a more efficient underlay that will effectively absorb impact noise.  This product can also be glued on top of concrete floors to meet Part E of the Building Regulations compliance for the reduction of impact noise.

acoustic laminate underlay1 Floor productsLaminate Floor Acoustic Underlay

This underlay is designed togive a more efficient performance in absorbing impact nosie when used to decouple laminate floors  from the base floor.   Can also be used beneath thin, engineered wood floors.

linoroll1 Floor productsLinoroll

Linoroll is a 5mm black, acoustic underlay for use beneath lino and vinyl and is produced from recycled rubber.  When used with the thin MDF tongue and grooved floorboards gives excellent results in reducing impact noise transference through floors.

MDFPanelThumbnail Floor productsMDF Tongue & Groove Floor Boards

These thin 6mm t&g floor boards should be used on top of the Linoroll mentioned above to give more support to the flexible floor covering such as vinyl.  Without this the floor would be too soft and more easily punctured when walked on with high heeled shoes.

Soundproofing for Between Joists

soundblocker quilt plus webthumb 0011 Floor productsSoundBlocker Quilt

Because this product has a sound barrier type acoustic membrane sandwiched within it, it performs better than normal mineral wool when used as part of a floor soundproofing upgrade.

amw 0001 Floor productsAMW Type Acoustic Mineral Wool

This is the more normal acoustic infill used between the joists of timber suspended floors and should be used along with other acoustic products as part of any upgrade when improving the sound insulation of a floor.

THUMB 0001 Floor productsAcoustic Thermafleece

Thermafleece can be used for both thermal and acoustic insualtion and is the greener alternative to mineral wool when used as the acoustic infill between the floor joists.  For best results should be used along with other acoustic products when upgrading the soundproofing of a floor.


cradle 000 Floor productsAcoustic Cradle System For Isolating Battens

Acoustic Cradles are produced with a resilient insulation on the underside to absorb impact noise through floors and the cradles will support battens on which the floorboards would be fitted.  Superior to resilient battens they can be used on uneven floors to form a level walking surface.

isorubber top thumb 000 Floor productsIsorubber Top

Isorubber Top is a 3mm thick  recycled rubber & cork composite which can be used to bring concrete floors into compliance with PART E & Robust Detail E-FC-9 & 10 for impact noise reduction.

PART E SYSTEMS For Separating Floors

part e r 10 Floor productsUsing Acousticel R10 to Create a Floating Floor

Acousticel R10 is the resilient layer that should be used beneath 18mm tongue and grooved QuietBoard acoustic flooring to create a floating floor as part of the treatment to bring a separating floor into Part E compliance for the control of noise penetration through the floor.

part e r 10 timber Floor productsUsing Acousticel R10 Beneath a Concrete Screed to Isolate Impact noise

Acousticel R10 when used to decouple a 65mm concrete screed on top of a concrte floor will meet Part E for the control of both airborne and impact noise.

Additional Accessories for use on Floors

AV Matthumb Floor productsAnti-Vibration Pad

This 10mm thick anti-vibration pad is designed to isolate noise and vibrations from floors from appliances such as washing machines, other white goods and treadmills along with many others such as domestic pumps.

pvcTape Floor productsPVC Jointing Tape

A 50mm wide, black PVC tape for keeping the joints of  QuietFloor Plus acoustic underlay for floors tightly butted together.

acoustic sealing tape Floor productsResilient Self-Adhesive Foam Tape

This self adhesive foam rubber acoustic tape can be used to isolate floor battens from base floors and floor boards from joists to help reduce impact noise transmission through a floor.

Sta StuckThumbnail 002 Floor productsSta-Stuck Spray Adhesive

Sta-Stuk special aerosol contact adhesive with adjustable spray pattern can be used for bonding our soundproofing materials to floors when a more permanent fix is required.


seal Floor productsAcoustic Sealant

Our Acoustic Sealant is a flexible, high density product that can be used to seal the edges of floating floors and also joints of existing floor boards.  The product is also intumescent and so fire resistant.


This website has a lot of useful information that will help anyone select the right sound insulation to upgrade an existing floor or build a new floor that is acoustically more acceptable.  If, after looking at this site you are still unsure what products would be best to use, please either call us on 01993 704981 from mobiles or 08453637131 from landlines that is charged at a local call rate.  Our staff will then be able to give you comprehensive advice on the best products to use to upgrade the noise control of your floor.

We can also schedule deliveries to coincide with your delivery requirements and unless a next day service has been requested or a timed delivery, all orders are sent out on a free book-in service where the carrier will call you to arrange the best time and date for you to accept your consignment.

All of our acoustic insulation is produced to the highest standards and fire resistance complies with normal internal furnishing standards as a minimum up to totally non-flammable.  They can also be used to upgrade normal existing domestic floors or supplied to comply with Robust Detail or Part E requirements determined by the Building Regulations.  For more information call us or send us an email to sales@soundservice.co.uk.

All supplied soundproofing products are manufactured to the highest possible standards and meet all soundproofing related legislation where required by the soundproofing product in question. If your product requires you to meet a soundproofing regulation we are happy to confirm suitability either via phone or email.