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Anti-Vibration Pad

AV600 Anti Vibration Pad

Product Details

Size:  600mm x 600mm x 10mm thick



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Anti-Vibration pad for isolating noisy and vibrating products such as pumps, washing machines, treadmills and other noisy equipment


Our Anti-Vibration mats are produced from a soft, grey, recycled rubber bonded to a strong red coloured facing.  The product will effectively absorb noise and vibration from machines up to 100kg per square metre in weight and so ideal for use beneath domestic appliances.

Key Benefits

  • Recycled rubber
  • Easy installation
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Good point load vibration reduction
  • supplied in 600mm x 600mm sheets that are easy to trim


“I just wanted to thank you for your superb service and turn-around times. More importantly I wanted to thank you for providing the solution to my noisy treadmill situation!  I had recently bought a treadmill but it was too noisy for my neighbours downstairs. Since following the guidance on your web site and installing the products, what I thought was going to have to be a great financial loss became a usable (and noise bearable!) fitness solution in our flat, as we intended it to be!”                                                                                                                          L. Gooch.

“Thanks for sending me the Anti-Vibration Pad. Wow what a difference – stopped the ground floor shaking and plates rattling !!”                                                                                                                                                                         Allen Gregory.


These Anti-Vibration mats are made up using recycled texturised rubber from sources such as the medical industry and supplied in panels 600mm x 600mm x 10mm that are easy to carry and trim when required.  The mats will effectively reduce and absorb vibration from machinery with a weight of up to 100kg over a base area of up to 1 square metre.  This makes it suitable for use beneath many noisy domestic appliances including home gym equipment. For heavier equipment, the mats can be doubled up.

Although these anti-vibration mats are designed to reduce point load vibration from machinery, they will not reduce directly emitted airborne noise so if this is also a problem, additional soundproofing measures will have to be taken and we will be pleased to help you with that.

The mats are easily trimmed if required and can be cut with a sharp Stanley type knife.  When installing be sure to fix a thin board (sourced local to you) on top of the mat to support the feet of the appliance and it is important the appliance or machine is not in contact with surrounding structures but should remain completely independent.

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The Anti-Vibration Pad can be used beneath among others:

Speakers, tumble dryers, treadmills, rowing machines and mini indoor trampolines.

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