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Soundproofing articles on a wide range of subjects where noise control is required from treating domestic pumps to reducing noise and echo in classrooms

The following articles have been taken from our main commercial web site www.soundservice.co.uk

General Sound Proofing Advice

FAQS Articles

Commonly asked questions

Some of the most frequently asked noise related questions we are asked including the difference between soundproofing and sound absorbing.


accolades Articles


What our customers have to say about our products they have had fitted.  Extracts are also published on most of our product pages.


noise 000 Articles

Noise explained

An explanation on what noise comprises along with a breakdown of typical noise levels in decibels for different types of noise such as female and male speech.


machinenoise 000 Articles


This article is about noise from machinery along with noise control issues and protection of personnel working on or close to noisy machinery.


defineNoise Articles

Explanation of sound proofing jargon

A list of the most common terms and symbols used in the noise control industry along with an explanation as to their meaning.


how to soundproof your property Articles

Sound proof a house

Questions and answers concerning noise in the home, is it worth soundproofing and a breakdown of different noise levels in decibels.


echosoption Articles

Room soundproofing

Information on how to soundproof a room including information on how to upgrade the doors and windows as well as the floor, ceiling and walls.


Soundproofceilingthumbnail Articles

Sound proofing a ceiling

Easy to follow information on how to soundproof a ceiling to reduce noise from neighbours above or to contain your own noise.


quietfloor Articles

Sound proofing a floor

This is one of our most read articles and gives details on the best solutions to soundproof both timber joisted and concrete floors.


 m10 ArticlesSound proofing a wall

Another popular article that explains how to soundproof a wall from the thinnest, least efficient solution to the thickest and best solution.


noise factsAndFigures Articles

Facts & figures about NOISE

Extracts from various publications concerning different aspects of noise , how noise affects people along with some interesting noise related facts.


flanking Articles

What is flanking Noise?

Flanking noise is noise that usually skirts round obstacles such as soundproofed walls via lighter structural walls and walls with untreated cavities.  This article gives more detail.


noise kills Articles


Noise really does kill and is responsible for over 6500 noise related deaths in a year.  More information on how noise is injurious to the health.


quietroom THUMB Articles

DIY Sound proofed test chamber

A DIY solution to building your own soundproofed test chamber in the home or factory that can be used for playing of musical instruments, testing of noisy machinery or simply to use as an acoustic haven.

Noise Reduction for Common Noise Problems

vehicle2 Articles

Vehicle sound proofing

How to soundproof the engine, transmission hump, boot or load space of a vehicle with details of what can be used as an acoustic underbonnet pad.


Pump4 Articles

Pump & compressor noise

Pump noise in particular is a common problem in the home and can include shower and water pumps and this article explains what can be done to reduce this type of noise.


machinenoise Articles

Reducing noise from machinery

Advice on how to isolate large, noisy machines and how to enclose them within a soundproofed box to protect nearby personnel.



Washing machine noise through a floor

How to isolate and reduce noise and vibration from washing machines and other noisy domestic appliances penetrating a floor into rooms below.



garages Articles

Sound proof a garage or shed

Information on what can be done to soundproof a garage or shed to reduce noisy activities such as playing of drums from annoying the neighbours.


BassSpeaker 000 Articles

Cost-Effective DIY solution to reduce bass noise in rooms

A cheap and easy DIY solution to reduce bass noise build-up in rooms using non-specific, easily available products.


sealkit Articles

Improve the soundproofing of a door

How to upgrade and soundproof normal, internal lightweight doors using our cheap and easy to fit DIY acoustic doorseal kits.


basicWindowSoundproofing Articles

Sound proof a window

Another DIY solution on how to make an acoustic window plug that can be used to soundproof a window to reduce traffic noise nuisance at night or when trying to sleep.


fence thumb Articles

Sound proof a wooden fence

How to design and build a wooden soundproofed fence for the garden or elsewhere to reduce noise nuisance from traffic or nearby factories.


reducing road vehicle Articles

Reduce vehicle noise

Guidance on what can be done to ensure vehicles are complying with current noise level standards and how to report a vehicle noise issue to the local council.


reducing aircrafts Articles

What to do about aircraft noise

Information on current legislation for the reduction of noise from aircraft, what can be done and to whom a complaint can be made.


reduce tube train noise Articles

Tube noise and how to reduce it

Noise from underground trains can permeate the home and office and this article explains what can be done to reduce this type of noise nuisance.


ship2 Articles

Noise reduction in boats

What can be used to line inboard engine compartments and bulkhead to reduce noise from the engine being heard on deck or in the cockpit.


pubsclubs Articles

A guide for the owner on how to sound proof pubs & clubs

A step by step guide on what can be done to reduce noise from exiting through doors and windows of pubs and clubs as well as how to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings.


vents 001 Articles

Acoustic Vents for studios and music practice rooms

A simple guide on soundproofed ventilation for acoustic chambers such as music studios along with how to construct soundproofed baffles for ventilation.


timber Articles

Timber stud partition soundproofing value in dB

This page gives a chart with a breakdown of the different sound insulation values of various stud wall constructions which can be of help when sub-dividing a room.


noiseatChristmas Articles

Information on reducing noise from parties

Noise from parties either from your home or a neighbours can really annoy most people so here is a simple guide on what can be done to allow a party to be enjoyed without creating too much noise.


Sound Regulations

Noise surveys Articles

Sound testing & noise surveys

We now offer sound testing and noise surveys. NEW !!


Pre completion Test Failure Articles

Part-E explained

The term “Part E” refers to the current Approved Document E of the Building Regulations and what noise control is required through separating walls and floors.


wave Articles

Pre-completion testing explained

Details about the Pre Completion minimum noise requirements for new build and change of use into multi-occupied homes


parte Articles

Need Part E but no access to ceiling ?

How to upgrade a separating floor when there is no access to ceiling below.


Pre completion Test Failure ArticlesPre-completion Test Failure?Anyone applying for a change of use or New build property has to have a pre completion test.  Read more here.
Stairsthumbnail2 Articles

Sound proofing of stairs

Information on how to bring stairs in common areas into compliance with Part E Resistance to the Passage of Sound.


rdlogo Articles

Robust Detail explained

Robust details provide an alternative to pre-completion testing for demonstrating compliance with performance standards of Part E.


noise kills Articles

Do you suffer from noise at work?

Noisy workplaces should now be a thing of the past. This article explains how to help save your hearing at work.


music Articles

Loud music for musicians – your questions answered?

If your unsure what the law says on loud music at work and for musicians then read this article.


law Articles

Noise Law – Getting to grips with where you stand

If your unsure what the law says on anti-social loud noise we have more information and the answers as to what can be done and your rights.


regulations Articles

Noise at Work Regulations – The Employers Guide

Since the update in 2006 the Noise Regulations effect most employers.  This article gives information on how to assess and reduce excessive noise in the workplace

Information for Educational Establishments

schools Articles

Noise control in school halls and classrooms

New schools now have to comply with Part E on acoustics within each study space. We explain how.  Also, noise is an issue in some older schools and this article explains what can be done to relieve it.


Sound absorber and studio acoustic related articles

speaker isolator thumb 001 Articles

Basic studio acoustics

This technical article talks about the varying ways that sound affects a room and is an ideal read for students studying noise or people planning on building a studio for recording music.


tegular thumb 001 Articles

Why you need acoustic treatment to enjoy music in a room

This article talks about why acoustic treatment is important in any room used to listen to high quality music and what is required to improve the listening experience.



green Articles

Our green policy

Here you can read our Green Policy on what we do to supply recycled and recyclable soundproofing materials