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Soundproof a Boat Engine

foamlam Reduce Boat Engine Noise

Our soundproofing foam SA25FFB6 is specifically designed to reduce noise pollution from enclosed areas where a high degree of sound proofing is required combined with resistance to wear and tear. Originally designed to reduce noise from inboard engine bays this sound absorbing material is the ideal solution for sound proofing engine noise in large and small boats. The polyurethane skin on the surface of the insulation is a tough, oil and water resistant coating protecting the insulation which is able to give effective sound absorption wherever internal engines or hydraulic power packs are used without the problem of liquid or dust contamination.

ship2 Reduce Boat Engine Noise

Although designed as a marine sound insulating material for installation into the engine bays of boats, this versatile insulation has a wide variety of other uses where a reduction in noise is required. Onboard generators can be sound proofed using this insulation which can be fabricated to any thickness to give the best sound proofing possible. Comprising a mineral loaded soundproofing mat sandwiched between two layers of sound absorbing foam, this very efficient acoustic insulation is finished with a very tough, impermeable black polyurethane skin resistant to most fluids associated with petrol and diesel engines.

SA25FF/B/6 soundproofing foam for engine bays is easily cut to shape when required and can be installed using our special contact aerosol adhesive. We do not offer a self-adhesive version of this material due to its weight. With a mass of 5kg/m2 it is possible a self-adhesive version could delaminate in higher temperatures.

For installation into the engine compartment of a boat, the sound insulation should line all of the sides and the top of the bay. Insulating the top will mean inverting the product so it is suggested that additional mechanical fixings are used here to further secure the product.

If you are a boat builder looking for an effective solution to sound proof a boat engine then contact us. We will be pleased to help design the best form of sound proofing possible to reduce the noise from any boat engine or onboard generator.