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A range of additional acoustic products that can be used for various methods of noise control and soundproofing from Acoustic Booths to Acoustic Hoods

quietroom THUMB OthersQuietRoom – Acoustic Booths

Economical ready to use 34dB acoustic booths that are easily assembled on site when a quieter working environment is required.

enclosre kit1 Others

Acoustic Lining Kit for Pump Enclosures

An acoustic lining kit including soundproofing foam for the inside of all enclosures around noisy machinery and equipment to make them quieter.


NormalThumbnail 000 OthersTimber Acoustic Screens

Noise controlling specially designed timber fences to screen noise from roads, industrial areas and railways.

sbm OthersSound Proofing Mats

SBM5 is a 2mm heavy, mineral loaded sound barrier mat designed to upgrade the soundproofing of lightweight structures such as stud walls and timber joisted floors.

sapt OthersSAPT220 Sound Barrier Mat

A sound barrier mat comprising a flexible scratch resistant black surface bonded to a layer of sound absorbing foam.  Ideal for use in vehicles and lagging noisy drain pipes.

foamlam OthersSoundproofing Foam

SA25FFB6 soundproofing foam is acoustic foam with a tough black film face with sound abrrier mat sandwiched within it to give a high degree of sound insulation when used to reduce noise from machinery and engines.

FRFFB6 OthersFRFFB6 Soundproofing Foam

FRFFB6 is a non-flammable version of our SA25FFB6 but with black foam and an aluminised foil face and so suitable for installation into noisy engine bays and inboard engines in boats.

deadsheet thumbnail 001 OthersVibration Damping Sheet

Dedsheet is our self-adhesive vibration damping sheet that does not become brittle in cold conditions.  It has the advantage of always remaining flexible without losing damping efficiency.

firehoods OthersAcoustic Ceiling Hoods

Acoustic Ceiling Hoods are designed to soundproof inset ceiling lights to compensate for the hole cut into the ceiling and because they are intumescent, act as a fire break by sealing the hole against fire.

AV Matthumb OthersAnti – Vibration Pad

Designed to absorb noise and vibration from when fitted beneath washing machines along with other domestic equipment and machines.

pvcTape OthersBlack Jointing Tape

A 50mm wide black PVC tape for sealing the joints of all of our black, film faced products and should always be used for ensuring the joints of our QuietFloor acoustic underlay remain tightly butted.

altape thumb 0011 Others  Aluminium Jointing Tape

A thin, silver finished aluminium jointing tape for sealing the joints of our non-flammable FRFFB6 soundproofing foam.

acoustic sealing tape OthersResilient Self-Adhesive Foam Tape

This self-adhesive resilient foam tape can be used to decouple floorboards from joists and the frames of stud walls from the floor, walls and ceiling.

acoustasealtiny 000 OthersAcoustaseal Self-Adhesive Tape

Acoustic sealing tape for repairing badly fitting seals such as door seals on vehicles and enclosures.

seal OthersAcoustic Sealant

Our Acoustic Sealant is supplied in a larger 380ml cartridge and designed to seal small holes and joints of plasterboard and floorboards.  It is high density yet remains flexible and can be painted when dry.

chicken wire 000 OthersWire Netting

Wire netting otherwise known as chicken wire can be used to secure acoustic mineral wool between joists to aid fitting from below or to give one hour fire resistance.

Sta StuckThumbnail 003 OthersSta-Stuck Adhesive

Sta-Stuck aerosol contact adhesive is a general purpose adhesive suitable for bonding our soundproofing products to floors and sound absorbing products to walls.

Sta StukThumbnail1 OthersSta-Stuk Aerosol Adhesive

Sta-Stuk aerosol contact adhesive is a higher specification than Sta-Stuck and is suitable for bonding all of our soundproofing and sound absorbing products to floors, walls and ceilings as well as a wide range of other products.

ear protector thumb OthersUniversal Ear Plugs

Ready to wear universal ear plugs supplied in a ‘one size fits all’ and is particularly suitablefor use in the music industry or for any noisy environment that could otherwise damage hearing.

Rollsthumbnail 000 OthersExpanding Sealing Foam

Compressed foam tape supplied in rolls designed to seal gaps and can be used around window and door frames during fitting and the tape will slowly expand thus sealing the gap between the wall and the frame.