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Studio Acoustics, Soundproof Panels, Acoustic Panels

wall acoustics

tegular thumb1 Studio acousticsTegular Acoustic Tiles

A plain tile with bevelled edges. They offer greater versatility for studio design and are very efficient sound absorbers.

soundtrap small thumb 0001 Studio acousticsWall Soundtrap Panels

These are exceptional quality Wall SoundTrap panels for the discerning listener that will not cost the usual exorbitant prices.

EGGBOXFOAMMAIN THUMB1 Studio acousticsAcoustic “Egg Box” Foam

Egg Box type acoustic tiles are a popular method of controlling reverberation within studios and music practice rooms.

echostik thumnail 0001 Studio acousticsEchostik

These modern edgy sound absorbing wall panels are ideal for a workspace or office. They are available in 25 colours and various lengths.

Acoustic wedge foam main thumb1 Studio acousticsAcoustic Wedge Tiles

A popular method of controlling reverberation within studios and music practice rooms.

BassSpeaker1 Studio acousticsDIY Bass Noise Reduction

A simple DIY and economical method of controlling bass noise within a room.

Corner acoustics

corner soundtrap thumb 0001 Studio acousticsCorner Soundtrap Panels

SoundTrap Panels are designed to effectively absorb the low frequencies as well as the mid to high.

basstrapthumb1 Studio acousticsAcoustic Corner Traps

These acoustic foam corner traps reduce corner reverberation, absorb low frequencies & increase the quality of your music and final mix.

acoustic corner cube thumb1 Studio acousticsAcoustic Corner Cube

A specially developed sound absorbing corner cube produced to fit into a tri-corner area of any room.

speaker related

speaker isolator thumb 0001 Studio acousticsSpeaker Isolators

Speaker isolation pads to reduce structure borne sound and increase music enhancement

music isomat thumb1 Studio acousticsMusic Isomat

The Music Isomat is designed to isolate large speakers from their surroundings. Ideal for gig equipment or a subwoofer.


quietroom THUMB1 Studio acousticsQuietRoom Recording Booths – NEW

Purpose made economical acoustic booths that can also be used as acoustic havens and offering 34dB of sound insulation.

ear protector thumb1 Studio acousticsUniversal Ear Protectors

A personal re-useable, cost effective, ready to use earplug that are available in one universal size that will comfortably fit all ears.

Sta StuckThumbnail 0031 Studio acousticsSta-Stuck Aerosol Contact Adhesive

A general purpose, high strength, water/heat resistant aerosol contact adhesive. Ideal for fixing sound insulation to floors when necessary.