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Soundproofing Products for Ceilings

Range of soundproofing solutions for ceilings including acoustic infill for cavities, high density plasterboard, sound barrier mat and resilient bar systems.


SoundBlocker Quiltsoundblocker quilt plus webthumb Ceiling products

SoundBlocker Quilt should be used instead of normal mineral wool to give additional soundproofing performance when used between the joists of ceilings.

amw 000 Ceiling productsAMW Type Acoustic Mineral Wool

The most popular soundproofing material for insertion between joists when upgrading the soundproofing of a ceiling.

THUMB 000 Ceiling productsAcoustic Thermafleece

Produced using sheep’s wool this greener alternative to mineral wool as the soundproofing cavity infill between ceiling joists also gives additional thermal insulation benefits without the itchiness of handling mineral wool.


membrane Ceiling productsSoundblocker Membrane

SoundBlocker Membrane is a lighterweight, 1.2mm thick sound barrier mat that is best used to decouple an existing ceiling from additional layers of acoustic plasterboard and will improve the noise control of the ceiling.

tecsound nav thumb 002 Ceiling productsTecsound T50S

Being self-adhesive this sound barrier mat is a heavier, non-flammable  product that when sandwiched between an existing ceiling and additional acoustic plasterboard, adds mass and improves the soundproofing performance of any ceiling.

genie thumb 000 Ceiling productsGenieclip ™

Although a thicker solution, GenieClips are superior to more normal resilient bars to decouple a plasterboard ceiling from the underside of the joists and should be used along with an acoustic infill between the joists for best results.

rbar Ceiling productsResilient Bars

The cheapest soundproofing solution to decouple a soundproofed ceiling from the underside of the joists.

acoustic plasterboard Ceiling productsAcoustic Plasterboard

With a higher mass than normal plasterboard this product is essential to use when upgrading the soundproofing of a ceiling and should be used as a double thickness and decoupled from the joists with Resilient Bars or the GenieClip system.


Noisestopper main thumb1 Ceiling productsNoisestopper Ceiling Pads

Noise through grif type suspended ceilings is often a problem that can now be addressed with the installation of our NoiseStopper Acoustic Ceiling Pads on top of the ceiling tiles.  Should also be used with our NoiseStopper Luminaire Covers over the lighting for best results.

covers thumb 0001 Ceiling productsNoisestopper Luminaire Covers

Acoustic covers for above lighting in suspended ceilings and to be used along with NoiseStopper acoustic pads  for more efficient blocking of noise leakage through grid type suspended ceilings.


firehoods Ceiling productsAcoustic Hoods

A fire-proof acoustic hood designed to cover inset ceiling lights and helps block noise that would otherwise leak through the hole cut in the ceiling and recessed lighting.   Although easy to install these hoods are not usually suitable for ceilings that have to meet Part E.

Sta-Stuk Aerosol AdhesiveSta StukThumbnail Ceiling products

The best contact adhesive for bonding soundproofing materials to ceilings such as our SoundBlocker Membrane .


seal Ceiling productsAcoustic Sealant

A flexible, high density acoustic sealant designed to seal small gaps around the edges of decoupled ceilings and for sealing the holes allowing wiring for surface mounted lights.


EcoRoll Thumbnail 0001 Ceiling productsCosyWool formerly Ecoroll

Although originally designed as thermal insulation for between joists, this insulation produced using sheep’s wool has acoustic properties that make this product an ideal greener replacement for normal mineral wool.