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Thermafleece – Environmentally friendly Acoustic Insulation

Thermafleece main11 Thermafleece   Environmentally friendly Acoustic Insulation

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Thermafleece is an environmentally friendly acoustic infill for walls and timber joists produced using sheep’s wool supplied by

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd.


Thermafleece acoustic cavity infill is produced using sheep’s wool and is a greener alternative to normal mineral wool often used.  Due to this make-up it is a better product to handle than mineral wool and is softer and much less irritable to the skin.  Using 90mm can reduce noise by up to 12dB but should be used along with other soundproofing products to achieve maximum performance when soundproofing a wall, floor or ceiling.


  • Effective acoustic insulation for floor cavities in stud walls and joists.
  • Environmentally friendlier using recycled sheep’s wool.
  • Gives added thermal insulation
  • Better to handle than normal mineral wool
  • Available in several thicknesses up to 90mm


Thermafleece is a high performing sheep’s wool based sound absorber and is the only thermal insulation of its type that holds BBA certification.  The product is supplied in panels 390 x 1200mm and 590 x 1200mm in thicknesses of 50mm, 70mm and 90mm.  Due to its make-up, Thermafleece is one of the most environmentally friendly products that can be used as an alternative to normal mineral wool acoustic infill for cavities as part of any soundproofing solution for walls and floors.

Although the product was originally developed as a thermal insulator, its additional sound absorbing properties make it an ideal substitute for alternative acoustic cavity  infills when additional thermal insulation is required such as in stud walls and timber joisted floors.


These days when more of us are concerned about the decreasing quality of the climate and the need for more environmentally friendly products being used that will not adversely affect the climate and greenhouse gases, Thermafleece is the answer.  Because it is made using naturally sustainable sheep’s wool it is a greener, acoustically more efficient alternative with the added benefit of extra thermal insulating qualities.


Due to its excellent thermal insulating qualities, Thermafleece insulation can be used in a wide range of constructions where conservation of heat is important.  In addition, it will effectively absorb many indoor smells and pollutants.


To obtain the best results from this product it is important it does not flatten over time.  Thermafleece is therefore produced with fibre stability which is randomly mixed to ensure the product remains stable throughout its service.


Thermafleece is certified by the BBA with an Agremént Certificate which means it has been rigorously tested to prove its perfromance when used as a loft insulation in vented and unvented lofts, between rafters in pitched roofs as well as in timber stud walls.


Production of Thermafleece insulation reduces carbon emissions and the product also absorb CO2 and so help reduce global warming caused by ever increasing levels of CO2.  This makes the product one of the best and sustainable insulating materials in the building industry.


thermafleece1 Thermafleece   Environmentally friendly Acoustic Insulation


If you are used to wearing woollen clothes handling Thermafleece is much the same as putting on a woolly jumper.  Unlike mineral wool, it will not scratch or abraid and is kinder to the skin.  Once Thermafleece has been used once it is unlikely you would ever go back to installing the inferior mineral wool slabs.




Thermafleece is produced in panels and supplied in packs as shown below.

Batt Dimensions(mm) Density (Kg/m3) m2 per Pack Pack Volume (m3) Pack Weight (kg)
50 x 390 x 1200 25 19.65 1.008 25.2
50 x 590 x 1200 25 19.82 1.008 25.2
70 x 390 x 1200 25 12.63 0.972 24.3
70 x 590 x 1200 25 12.74 0.972 24.3
90 x 390 x 1200 25 9.82 1.008 25.2
90 x 590 x 1200 25 9.91 1.008 25.2