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Soundproofing Party Walls – Soundproof a Wall

Range of soundproofing products and soundproofing materials for walls, party walls and separating walls from thin 27.5mm to thicker studio wall standards


quietpanel thumb 0001 Wall productsQuietpanel Thinnest Wall System

The thinnest solution to upgrade the soundproofing of a masonry wall at only 27.5mm thick.

Acousticel M20AD Wall Systemm101 Wall products

A 50mm thick solution to improve the soundproofing of a party wall comprising 20mm thick recycled rubber soundproofing panel for walls along with 30mm of acoustic plasterboard.

sbm1 Wall productsThin Soundproofing Mats

SBM5 thin, heavy mats plasterboard decoupler for use on stud partitions  to help reduce noise penetration when sandwiched between layers of plasterboard.

tecsound nav thumb 0021 Wall productsTecsound T50 T50S

Non-flammable, heavy soundproofing mat for use when more fire resistance is required when upgrading stud walls to be acoustically more efficient.  Best used sandwiched between layers of acoustic plasterboard.

genie thumb 0001 Wall products

Genieclips ™

The Genieclip system of decoupling a wall surface is a more efficient method of noise control and best used with 30mm (2 x 15mm) of acoustic plasterboard screwed to them and impossible to install incorrectly.

Resilient Barsrbar1 Wall products

To be supported by stud and is a cheap method to improve the soundproofing of any wall by decoupling the 30mm of acoustic plasterboard that should be screwed to them.  Using these is an economical method of enhancing the soundproofing performance of a stud system.

acoustic plasterboard1 Wall productsAcoustic (High Density) Plasterboard

Acoustic plasterboard is produced with higher mass which is more efficient at blocking noise and should be used with M20AD or screwed to Resilient Bars on any stud wall system for more efficient control of noise.


part e idle wall quilt Wall productsStud System for Separating Wall with Soundblocker Quilt Plus Acoustic Infill

Separating walls upgraded to Part E with metal or timber stud, acoustic plasterboard along with SoundBlocker Quilt Plus as the acoustic infill.

part e single stud quilt Wall productsSingle Stud Wall System With Soundblocker Quilt Plus as the Acoustic Infill

Soundproofing for single stud walls using acoustic plasterboard and our SoundBlocker Quilt Plus acoustic infill.

part e m201 Wall productsParty Wall Soundproofing using 20mm Acousticel M20AD Panels

Soundproofing for separating walls using 30mm (2 x 15mm) acoustic plasterboard on top of 20mm Acousticel M20AD sound proofing panel.

part e double wall quilt Wall productsDouble Stud Separating Wall System with Soundblocker Quilt Plus Infill

Part E solution for double stud separating walls with acoustic plasterboard and SoundBlocker Quilt Plus superior acoustic infill.

help Wall productsWall Soundproofing Advice

Double stud party wall soundproofing advice using AMW type acoustic mineral wool, Resilient Bars and Acoustic Plasterboard


SoundBlocker Quiltsoundblocker quilt plus webthumb Wall products

A better performing acoustic product than usual mineral wool as the cavity infill in stud walls when used as part of a soundproofed stud wall system.

amw 000 Wall productsAMW Type Acoustic Mineral Wool

Better than rolls our AMW type Acoustic Mineral Wool is the preferred acoustic infill within stud wall cavities.  Should be used as part of an overall soundproofing upgrade.

THUMB 000 Wall productsThermafleece (Acoustic Infill)

A greener alternative to the usual mineral wool infill for stud walls and is produced using sheep’s wool.   Thermafleece can be used without compromising the acoustic effectiveness of any upgraded stud wall when looking for a better degree of sound insulation..


acoustic sealing tape Wall productsSelf-adhesive Resilient Foam Tape

This foam rubber resilient tape can be used to decouple sole plates, top plates and side plates of stud walls to improve the effectiveness of any soundproofing treatment being applied and to obtain maximum noise control.

CURTAIN THUMB 000 Wall productsIndustrial Acoustic Curtain

Ideal for when a rigid sound barrier or acoustic enclosure cannot be used.  Designed for industrial use these aAcoustic Curtains are bespoke to customer’s requirements and supplied up to 3m long.

Ventthumbnail Wall productsAcoustic Vent

Acoustic Vents are designed to bring fresh air into a room yet limit the amount of noise that passes through it so ideal for venting music practice rooms and studios.

Sta StukThumbnail2 Wall productsSta-Stuk Spray Adhesive

An easy to use special spray adhesive with adjustable spray pattern for bonding our sound proofing materials to walls.

seal1 Wall productsAcoustic Sealant

A permanently flexible, high density water based sealant that is fire resistant and paintable and ideal for filling small holes and gaps around soundproofing panels that have to remain independent.


EcoRoll Thumbnail 0001 Wall productsCosyWool (Thermal)

CosyWool produced by Thermafleece is a thermal insulating roll produced using sheep’s wool that can be used in the cavities of stud walls to provide both excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.


Our website keepitquiet.co.uk is designed to give both advice and product information to help when soundproofing a wall is being considered.

So if you do not know what is required, this web site will be able to give you all the information you need to decide on the right type of sound insulation that can be used to upgrade a wall.  If the information you require cannot be found, please call us on 0208 0909 586 or 01993 704981 as we are more than pleased to give you free soundproofing advice.

Due to our many years of experience in the noise control industry our trained staff will be pleased to give you as much assistance as necessary to help you decide on the right solution to address your noise problem.

Because we keep stock of a wide range of soundproofing materials we are able to deliver your orders very quickly if required.   We can also work to deadlines when necessary and if time is of the essence, always call us to discuss and arrange the most suitable delivery option that will suit.

Our soundproofing products have been developed since 1969 when we were established and produced to the highest standards and can be used to comply with current Building Regulations for noise control through party walls.   If you need a product to meet a specific regulation or requirement please contact us by phone or email and our staff will be more than happy to help you.