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QuietPanel – Ultra-thin soundproofing Panels for walls

quietpanel1 main1 QuietPanel   Thinner wall soundproofing System

Product Details

Size:  1.2m x 1.2m x 2.75cm thickMin of 5 panels per order.


Technical Specs

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Quietpanel, the thinnest soundproofing panels for party walls to reduce noise from neighbours only 27.5mm thick and available from stock.


Our QuietPanel extra thin soundproofing panels for walls is now available to upgrade the soundproofing of party walls that have limited space yet need to reduce noise from neighbours.  It can be fixed to both masonry or stud walls and can also be used to reduce flanking noise on cavity walls.

Key Benefits

  • Only 27.5mm thick
  • Made using recycled products
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Tested in UKAS-accredited laboratory on lightweight 100mm wall block. Test info available on request
  • Easy DIY installation


QuietPanel has been developed to upgrade the soundproofing of party walls that have extremely limited space for applying a soundproofing solution.  So at only 27.5mm thick it is the ideal product to help reduce noise through any wall, masonry or stud and can also help reduce flanking noise from cavity walls.

It is a tried and tested product that can be used on party walls that have failed a pre-completion sound test to bring the wall into compliance with Part E for the control of noise through walls.  QuietPanel is a stock item and can be delivered to all parts of the country within a few days or next day if required for some areas.  Please note that because this product has to be shipped on a pallet, we have to impose a minimum order of 5 panels per delivery.

Due to production reasons, the panels are manufactured with the soundproofing material a few millimetres short of the acoustic plasterboard panel and not as shown on the photo above.  This is quite normal and was the same on the product that was tested.

Please note:  Due to its limited thickness, QuietPanel is will only reduce the volumes of normal noise levels such as talking, radio and televisiond.  Loud noise along with bass noise will most likely always be heard once the wall has been treated, the volume of noise being heard should be decreased.  For loud noise and bass noise or vibration have a look at our thicker Resilient Bar system.



Because the plasterboard part of this product is fragile, sometimes damage can occur to corners during shipping.  If this happens to your order the damage can be repaired after fitting with Acoustic Sealant for small holes or with a plaster mix or Polyfilla type filler for larger holes.  Repairs of this type will not affect the acoustic efficiency of the finished job.

This product is easily fitted by anyone with DIY knowledge and there is a link to fitting instructions at the top right hand side of this page.  Alternatively, you may prefer to have the product fitted for you and if this is the case, we may be able to suggest a fitter if there is one we know in your area or you can employ a local builder.

We cannot accept responsibility for the structural stability of any wall or building where the product is being installed.  If there is any doubt concerning this we suggest you seek the services of a structural engineer or professional builder before purchasing and installing the product.