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Industrial Sound Absorbing Acoustic Foams

We provide a range of sound absorbers for industrial applications

PowerWashProofthumbnail1 Industrial and foamsWhisper Foam

Lightweight water resistant fire resistant foam suitable for outside installation

deadsheet thumbnail 0011 Industrial and foamsDedsheet-Vibration Damping Sheet

A sound insulating and vibration damping sheet for thin sheet steel to stop them from resonating.

steelsorption1 Industrial and foamsSteelsorption

Robust steel faced sound absorbing wall panels designed to reduce the reverberation (echo) and overall noise levels within an industrial workspace.

enclosre kit1 Industrial and foamsEnclosure Kits

Sound absorbing acoustic Enclosure Kits to reduce noise from small plant and machinery.

vehicle21 Industrial and foamsDIY Car Soundproofing Kits

Easy to install DIY acoustic foam based car soundproofing kit.

foam11 Industrial and foamsSound Absorbing Foam

Sound absorbing acoustic foam designed to reduce reverberation and airborne noise emitted from machinery. Ideal for small enclosures.

fireFoam1 Industrial and foamsNon Flamable Sound Absorbing Foam

Non-Flamable acoustic foam designed to reduce reverberation and airborne noise. Ideal for enclosures and machinery covers.

foamlam1 Industrial and foamsFoam Laminate SA25FFB6

Sound absorbing acoustic foam combined with a sound barrier for maximum reduction of noise from any small enclosure.

FRFFB61 Industrial and foamsFRFFB6

A non-flammable sandwich construction with specially formulated fire resisting sound absorbing foam. Ideal for small enclosures.

FRHD thumb 0001 Industrial and foamsFRHD

FRHD is a Class 0 product produced to a much higher fire resistance and density to give more efficient lower frequency sound absorption in airborne noise and reverberation.

sapt1 Industrial and foamsSAPT220 Sound Barrier Mat with Acoustic Foam

Sound Barrier Mat incorporating sound absorbing foam. Ideal as a lagging material for noisy pipes or as insulating layer to reduce noise from machinery.

soundbuster2 Industrial and foamsSoundbuster Freestanding Acoustic Screens

Freestanding sound absorbing screens. Can be used to form a 2 metre high wall to screen noise from nearby personnel.

CURTAIN THUMB 0001 Industrial and foamsAcoustic Curtain

Acoustic Curtains are available when rigid soundproofed structures cannot be used. Bespoke to individual requirements to a maximum length of 3m.

pvcTape1 Industrial and foamsPVC Tape

A black PVC tape for sealing the joints of our QuietFloor Plus acoustic insulation for floors.

altape thumb 0012 Industrial and foamsAluminium Jointing Tape

Our fireproof tape for finishing the joints on our FRFFB6 foam and other products.

Sta StuckThumbnail 0031 Industrial and foamsSta-Stuck Special Spray Adhesive

A general purpose, high strength, water/heat resistant aerosol contact adhesive. Ideal for fixing sound insulation to floors when necessary.

ear protector thumb1 Industrial and foamsUniversal Ear Protectors

A personal re-useable, cost effective, ready to use earplug that are available in one universal size that will comfortably fit all ears.