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Acoustic Enclosure Lining Kits

Pump 31 Acoustic Enclosure Kits

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Size:  Small or large Kit.

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Noise absorbing acoustic Enclosure Lining Kits to reduce reverberation and airborne noise from enclosures containing noisy equipment such as generators and shower pumps.

Key Benefits

  • Effective reduction of airborne noise for machinery covers and enclosures.
  • Easy to install with step by step instructions
  • Reduces vibration from pumps


Acoustic Enclosure Kits are ideal for controlling noise by reducing the reflection of sound from boundary surfaces thus reducing the overall noise levels. Using a kit to sound insulate the inside of an enclosure will reduce noise from equipment and greatly help you comply with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations. The acoustic kits below are designed to be installed within a secure enclosure. We would advise making this enclosure with 18mm MDF or thick ply. The kits are easy to install and come with detailed fitting instructions. The main Acoustic foam, SA25FF/B/6 adheres to the inside of the enclosure to absorb and block the noise and the pump or noisy equipment sits is isolated by the Anti-vibration Pad. The full install instructions can also be seen above. More information on soundproofing enclosures can be seen  HERE……………….

Pump1 Acoustic Enclosure Kits

Our Small Pump Acoustic Kit contains:

1 x sheet of SA25FF/B/6

1 x panel of Anti-vibration Pad

1 x can of Sta-Stuck Adhesive

1 x tube of Acoustic Sealant

1 x Set of fitting Instructions (Suitable for small domestic pumps)

Our Large Pump Acoustic Kit contains:

4 x sheets of SA25FF/B/6

2 x panels of Anti-vibration Pad

1 x tube of Acoustic Sealant

2 x cans of Sta-Stuck Adhesive

1 x Set of fitting Instructions (Suitable for larger commercial pumps or other noisy equipment) IF YOU REQUIRE EXTRA MATERIALS THESE CAN BE PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY FROM US.


Applications for the Enclosure Kits would be; Machinery enclosures, small pumps such as showers, plant machinery, compressors, office equipment and domestic appliances. If you have a noise problem and want our advice call 0845 363 7131 before ordering.   As featured on www.buildingdesign.co.uk