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Enclosure Kits Technical Specification

The following information shows technical performance for the main acoustic sound absorbing foam product in this kit. The product was tested with engine noise and the graph below outlines the results.

This graph does not show sound reduction achieved in a home made enclosure but is a useful indication of how efficient the sound insulation is.

(SA25FF/B/6) Technical Specification

foam laminates graph Acoustic Enclosure Kits Technical Data

. General Physical Data

Skin: Black
Foam: Grey
Supply Form: Available in sheet form
Sheet Size: nom. 1200 x 900mm (4ft x 3ft)
Nominal Thickness: 32mm +/- 1mm
Foam: 27-30kg/m3
Barrier: 5kg/m2
Film Face: Polyurethane
FMVSS 302 Self-Extinguishing BS4735 Self-Extinguishing