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Resilient Foam Self-adhesive Tape

151 Resilient Foam Tape

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Size:  Supplied in 5mm or 10mm thicknesses up to 50mm wide in 10m rolls.


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Resilient self-adhesive foam tape 5mm and 10mm thick to decouple stud walls and timber floors from joists stocked and supplied by

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd.


A self adhesive resilient foam rubber isolation tape to be used for decoupling timber and steel framed walls from surrounding surfaces.  Can also be used to isolate floors from joists and battens from base floors to reduce impact noise transmission to rooms below.


  • Long lasting
  • Supplied in self-adhesive rolls
  • Decouples and reduces vibration
  • Closed cell so water resistant
  • Available 5mm and 10mm thick up to 100mm wide


Designed as a vibration isolator to decouple stud walls and floors the product comprises an EPDM closed cell resilient rubber supplied in rolls that are self-adhesive for easy application.  Due to its formulation the tape is resistant to chemical attack, will not soak up water and is long lasting.

The tape is produced in black 5 or 10mm thick in 10m rolls in widths of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.


If applying timber stud as part of soundproofing a wall it is advised the stud is decoupled from the wall using this resilient foam tape.  Likewise, when constructing an independent stud wall, resilient foam tape can be used to decouple the sole plate, top plate and side plates for maximum soundproofing performance.  Likewise, floors can be decoupled from joists or using battens as shown in the detail below to reduce impact noise affecting those in rooms beneath.

Using the acoustic foam tape in this way isolates structures making them acoustically more efficient and reduces the transfer of structure borne sound, flanking noise and vibration.

acoustic sealing tape11 Resilient Foam Tape

This method of decoupling stud when soundproofing a wall would still require the use of  Resilient Bars to give a more beneficial reduction in noise transfer and improved sound proofing of the wall.  Using our resilient bars will more efficiently help reduce bass and low frequency noise.

NOTE: Resilient foam tape will only help reduce airborne and impact noise when properly used in conjunction with other noise control products!