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Reduce Noise from Parties in the Home and from Neighbours

Noise from parties can be a problem and can disturb neighbours and children if they go onto late at night. It is not just a question of keeping the volume of your music system down but the combined noise of lots of people talking can be a problem as well. A lot of people do not realise how much noise can travel at night and can be heard from quite a distance away. This is because a lot of the normal daytime background noises have stopped and so noises that you would not normally be aware of are easily heard at night. Usually once children are asleep they remain that way regardless of the amount of noise going on until they would normally wake up in the morning. But if they are not yet asleep, noise from parties can keep them awake for much longer. You will also want to consider your neighbours and will not want to annoy then unnecessarily so here are some tips on how to keep the noise down.

• When planning a party, invite the neighbours closest to you.

• If the speakers to your music system are floor mounted, put them onto a resilient mat such as our Speaker Isolators or our Music Isomats. This will help reduce structure borne sound penetrating adjoining properties.

Fit heavy drapes to the windows and keep them closed. Also ensure there are as many soft furnishings within the room(s) as possible. This will help reduce reverberation (echo) within the room(s) therefore reducing the levels of noise being generated.

• Obviously keep the music volumes down.

• Ensure that all windows and doors are kept closed.

• Finally, if you have time you can soundproof your party wall by installing one of the systems we offer on in the Soundproofing Wall Products on this web site.  These soundproofing solutions will not stop your neighbours from hearing the noise from your party, particularly if it is loud noise but it will reduce the intensity of the noise being heard.

Now if you have not been invited to a party that is near you and the noise is disturbing, here is what you can do.

• Call round and ask if you can join them.

• Call round and politely ask if they can keep the noise down. Don’t get angry because this will only be counter productive and less likely to result in a reduction in the noise volumes. In addition, once some people have had a drink they can become aggressive and you don’t want to become involved with violence.

• Call the police.

• If the problem is a frequent one involving the same neighbours and you have tried the diplomatic approach already mentioned, you can report the noise nuisance to you local authority and the following link will give you more advice on this – Noise Nuisance.

The advice given in this article is designed to give you an insight into how noise from parties whether at Christmas or otherwise can be disturbing to nearby neighbours. It does not matter if you are going to be holding a party or if you are close to one that is excessively noisy, the following link will give you more information on the noise problems from neighbours and what can be done –  Resolve Neighbour Disputes.

It is worthwhile reading through both of the links given above because it can help you when planning a party and also if you are the subject of noise from a neighbour that may or may not be holding a party.

Article written by Stephen Young 16/12/11 ©2011 Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd