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Sound insulation related Questions

What’s the difference between sound proofing and sound absorbing products?

Sound insulation and soundproofing products are designed to work as an acoustic barrier to reduce sound leaving or entering a room or workspace.

Sound absorbers are designed to absorb the sound within a room and help reduce room echo.  Sound absorbers do not stop the sound leaving the space but will reduce the amount of noise by reducing the reverberation (echo) within the enclosure.

If you wish to soundproof a room you would normally need to purchase both types of sound insulating materials.

Is Your Sound Insulation hard to install?

If you are D.I.Y minded then you should be fine installing most of our products. If you do not have installation instructions they can be printed off from our website. If you are in any doubt about your ability to install a system you have seen please call our team to discuss BEFORE you order.

Will your sound insulation take up much space on my floor wall or ceiling?

On average our sound insulation materials will take up no more than 2 inches but this really varies depending on the system. On each product page you will be able to see the thickness of the insulation. The total space taken up by any sound control system will depend on your final wall, floor or ceiling finish.

I want to soundproof my garden shed, is this possible?

Soundproofing any area is possible if you are prepared to put enough time, effort and money into it.

The problem with lightweight sheds is they are not built from solid materials. If you want to soundproof a shed you would need to lose a min of 5 inches off each wall and ceiling and have a double entry acoustic door system in place. This for most people is just too much. Our advice in short is, yes it can be done but you are better off building an extension and then soundproofing this area.

My child plays the drums – what can i do to reduce this sound?

A drum kit can produce over 100db of noise. This is similar to the sound of a noisy factory. Logic states that you can’t just stick a thin rubber layer on the wall to reduce this level of noise. In an ideal world you need to build an isolated floating room within a room. The simple rule is the more soundproofing of ours that you use the better the reduction will be. You will be required to build an isolated wall using timber studs and not connected to the existing wall. The voids between are infilled with our Acoustic Quilt or Acoustic Mineral Wool of sufficient thickness.

Finally, our Resilient Bars should be screwed to the stud followed by two layers of plasterboard screwed to the bars. For an enhanced result, SBM5 Soundproofing Mat can be sandwiched between the two layers of plasterboard to act as a decoupler. We would advise calling our technical team before undertaking the treatment of a drum room.

Sound Absorber Related Questions

Will sound absorPtion look ugly or spoil the look of the room?

We have a range of sound absorption products for you to choose from. Some are very subtle and you would not necessarily know they were there but we also supply profiled items which can look funky on a wall or ceiling and actually be a great talking point.

How do I find the sound absorber that I need?

Click on the Sound Absorbers Products page and then select which surface you wish to treat. You will then see a range of suitable sound absorbing systems.  This will help you find the right product. You can also try using our search box above.

How much of the wall or ceiling do I need to cover?

There is no simple answer to this question. You would need to speak to one of our technical team and they will assist you with your noise problem and be able to predict the amount needed but as a general rule of thumb, covering the ceiling with sound absorbing tiles is often all that is required.

Are your sound absorbing products hard to install?

If you are D.I.Y minded then you should be fine installing most of our products. If you do not have installation instructions they can be printed off from our website. If you are in any doubt about your ability to install a system you have seen please call our team to discuss BEFORE you order.

Ordering Questions

Am I able to order online?

Yes.  Most of our products can be ordered online and can be seen  HERE

Can I buy your products direct from a builders merchant or dealer?

You can order our products through Jewsons and many other large national building merchants. Most of these merchants don’t stock our products because we deliver direct to the customer. We don’t currently have any dealers as products are normally ordered directly from us and we dispatch to the delivery address nationwide.

Do you offer credit to trade customers?

We do not normally open credit facilities for new customers because all of our soundproofing materials can be purchased through most national Builders Merchants or insulation suppliers. If you already have an account with a builder’s merchant it is worth asking them if they can order the items on your behalf. You can order our products through Travis Perkins, Jewsons and many other large Builders merchants.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer very competitive discounts on all our products for bulk orders. We also run Special Offers which can be seen here or call our sales team on 08453637131 (local call rate) or from mobiles 01993 704981  for more information.

How do I obtain a quote?

Please click on the contact us page or call our main number 0845 363 7131.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards except for American Express and Amex. You can also pay us with cash or cheque but we will require approx 7 working days for a cheque to clear. WE REQUIRE FULL CLEARED PAYMENT BEFORE ANY GOODS CAN BE DESPATCHED.

Delivery Related Questions

Can I collect the items from you directly?

Yes, we have a trade counter and welcome the chance to meet our customers. It is advisable to call in advance of a collection so our packing team can prepare your order. Please click on the contact us page for directions.

How do you deliver to me?

We use a number of delivery methods and couriers dependant on the size and weight of your order.

In many cases your products will be delivered on a wooden pallet and you will require a suitable sized space to sit this outside your address. If this is going to be a problem for you please notify our sales team before you order.

How much does the delivery cost?

We offer free delivery on many items, please ask for details. This will vary on the way we have to send it to you. In most cases the average delivery cost would be no more than £50.

How quickly can I get my products?

We offer 2 delivery methods. Next day or our economy service that is normally 2-4 days.

Unlike other companies we stock all our soundproofing products in our warehouse. If you require your items on a next day service we will need to receive the order before midday. In some cases we can despatch items after this time but this is at the discretion of our despatch team.

Our sound absorber range and some other items are generally made to order and the lead-times will vary. This will be explained to you when you order.

Can I pay cash on delivery for the items?

I am afraid we don’t offer that service, as we don’t use our own drivers.

Do I need to be on site for the delivery?

All items we despatch need to be signed for as proof that you have received it. There needs to be someone at the premises to sign for this unless other arrangements have been made.

What if I am not there when you deliver?

We are charged by our courier’s everytime they have to redeliver to our customers. We are unable to absorb these costs so you will be re charged if you are not in. The re delivery costs are normally the same as the amount we charged you originally. If you think you may not be in for the delivery please alert the sales team when ordering and they can make alternative plans for your order.

Do you accept returned goods?

We will accept returns on non-customised products within a certain time frame and providing they are in a good and re-sellable condition. Please read our Terms & Conditions of Sale for more information.