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Concrete Floor System using Acousticel R10

233 Concrete Floor System using Acousticel R10

Product Details

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Technical Specs

Installation Guide


Acousticel R10 for decoupling concrete screeds from concrete floors to meet Part E for effective airborne and impact noise reduction


Acousticel R10 is a recycled rubber resilient insulation designed to decouple concrete screed floors from concrete base floors and should be used to comply with Part E for efficient soundproofing of floors.

Key Benefits

  • Recycled
  • Easy installation
  • Only 10mm thick
  • Compliant with PART
  • Essential for reducing both airborne and impact noise through concrete floors


Acousticel R10 is produced using black, recycled shredded vehicle tyres bonded to a tough carrier layer enabling it to be rolled into easy to carry 1m long rolls.  When unrolled will cover 5m2.

newbrochure 0031 Concrete Floor System using Acousticel R10


Sound Reduction Performance
New Build Refurbishment
DnT,w + Ctr 57dB DnT,w + Ctr 48dB
Part E Requirements
New Build Refurbishment
Min DnT,w + Ctr 45 dB Min DnT,w + Ctr 43 dB


Sound Reduction Performance
New Build Refurbishment
LnT,w 59dB LnT,w 52dB
Part E RequirementS
New Build Refurbishment
Max DnT,w 61 dB Max DnT,w 64 dB


  • Standard MF ceiling system below.
  • R10 Roll (5m x 1m)

03 R10 R2 small1 Concrete Floor System using Acousticel R10


MF System

MF steel frame system that can have 100mm of acoustic mineral wool inserted if required for a better performance and with a single sheet of high density plasterboard screwed beneath.

R10 Resilient Rubber

A 10mm thick resilient rubber, impact absorbing insulation designed to isolate concrete screeds of at least 65mm thick.  Acousticel R10 can be used to decouple screeds from a wide variety of different concrete bases including beam and block and hollow beams as long as the overall mass per square metre is at least 365kg which is essential to control airborne noise in separating floors.

The product has been rigorously tested by independent companies and is proved to be an efficient solution when compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations is required for separating floors in flats.