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Acoustic Laminate Underlay

1111 Acoustic Laminate Underlay

Product Details

Size:  7.3m x 1.37m x 4.2mm thick.


Technical Specs

Installation Guide

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4.2mm thick acoustic underlay for use beneath laminate and thin board floors for effective reduction of impact noise supplied

by Sound Service


An acoustic underlay designed to give a superior reduction in impact noise through floors when used to isolate laminate floors and other thin flooring from the base floor.  A far better solution than the normal underlays that are offered by the flooring stockists.

Using this product will give far better noise reduction as can be seen in our Tecnical Specifications linked from the top left hand side.

Key Benefits

  • Superior performance at only 4.2mm thick
  • Can be used with underfloor heating
  • Includes a vapour barrier
  • Gives more stability to floating floors
  • Easy to installation


“I purchased a roll of your Acoustic Laminate Underlay. It has noticeably reduced the noise of footfall on the laminate and I have not heard any complaints from my downstairs neighbours. It also seems to have insulated the floor from cold a bit better than the previous (cheap) underlay.
Kind Regards, Andreas Baas


Laminate floor Acoustic Underlay at only 4.2mm thick is a more stable product that will also give a superior reduction in impact noise transmission through floors when used to isolate laminate floors from the sub-floor.  Using this product is essential to help reduce additional noise that will be created resulting from walking and movement of furniture on the hard floor surface.

The product is produced using high density, resilient foam rubber with a gold, foil face on one side that acts as a moisture barrier.  Installation is easily carried out and the only tools required are a sharp Stanley type knife or large scissors.  To help reduce airborne noise nuisance through the floor when using the Acoustic Laminate Underlay, a few layers of our thin 2mm thick SBM5 soundproofing barrier mat can be used along with it to add more mass that helps block noise.

As featured on www.buildingdesign.co.uk