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Quietfloor Acoustic Underlay

quietfloor plus closeup thumb1 Quietfloor PLUS Acoustic Underlay

Product Details

Size:  1200 x 600 x 15mm



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Quietfloor is a 15mm thick heavty, acoustic underlay to reduce airborne and impact noise through floors when used beneath carpets and laminate flooring.

OVERVIEW This remarkable replacement acoustic underlay for carpets and beneath laminate and thin wood floor boards is the best available that can so easily be installed without lifting the floorboards.  On average it will give a 5dB improvement to the sound insulation of a normal timber floor which is more than a 50% reduction in noise penetration using the straight line method of measurement. Key Benefits

  • The best acoustic underlay available
  • Significantly reduces impact and airborne noise through floors
  • Ideal for domestic soundproofing of floors
  • Suitable for both concrete and timber floors
  • Can be used under carpet & laminate floors.


“I want to express my sincere gratitude for the improvement your product has made for my home. Based on this, I enthusiastically recommend QuietFloor PLUS as a cost effective soundproofing solution.”                Gabriel Sobanjo



As you can see from the video linked from above, QuietFloor is very efficient at blocking noise which is due to the unique design of sandwiching two heavy soundproofing mats either side of a layer of sound absorbing foam.  The foam sandwich enhances the acoustic properties of the product and also acts as a very efficient impact noise absorber from footfalls and furniture movement.  QuietFloor is quick and easy to install and is supplied in handy sized panels that can easily be carried.  At only 15mm thick the product does not dramatically affect floor height and is only about 5mm thicker than normal underlay. QuietFloor is now produced using recycled products so is more environmentally friendly than when it was first developed in the 70’s. Installation is easy and all that is required is a sharp Stanley type knife to cut the panels when necessary and also the jointing tape that should be used to seal the joints tightly together. Ideal for domestic use on timber floors but can also be used to meet Part E for the reduction of impact noise when bonded to concrete floors.  If a permanent fixing is required the product can be fixed with our Sta-Stuk special aerosol contact adhesive. It can also be bonded to the steps and risers of communal stairs in multi-occupied, new build flats to meet Part E compliance for the reduction of impact noise on stairs. Have a look at our pictorial installation Guide by clicking  HERE

Acoustic Performance

Sound Service (Oxford) Acoustic Performance
Quietfloor PLUS
AIRBORNE SOUND INSULATION OF TIMBER FLOORS Building regs minimum requirement is 43dB
Up to 51 dB
IMPACT SOUND INSULATION OF TIMBER FLOORS Building regs maximum requirement is 64dB
Down to 39 dB

On average, installation of just the QuietFloor acoustic underlay will improve the soundproofing of a floor by about 5dB which is in excess of a 50% reduction in noise using the straight line method of measurement.  This means it will substantially reduce normal levels of noise such as moderate speech but loud noise and bass noise will always be heard although its intensity should be reduced.