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Acousticel G8

1121 Acousticel G8

Product Details

Size:  5m x 1m x 8mm thick


Technical Specs

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Acousticel G8 an 8mm thick recycled rubber product designed to reduce impact noise, can be used to meet part E for noise control through separating floors


G8 is a more efficient resilient insulation designed to decouple concrete floor screeds.  At only 8mm thick it is still one of the best products available that will help meet Part E for reduction of impact noise through separating floors.

Key Benefits

  • PART E Building Regulations compliant
  • Produced using EPDM Recycled Rubber
  • Only 8mm thick
  • Designed to decouple concrete floor screeds
  • Easy to handle rolls


G8 is another Isolgomma product produced from a softer grey rubber that gives acoustic separating performance that is equal , if not better than some thicker resilient insulating products whic01 G8 R11 Acousticel G8h is why it is ideal for use beneath heavier concrete screeds.

The design of G8 ensures that maximum sound loss is achieved when used in the construction of concrete based separating floors so is the best product to use when aiming for compliance with the following Part E requirements.

Maximum dynamic stiffness – Minimum thickness under loading Weighted reduction in impact sound pressure level (∆Lw) of not less than 29dB

The illustration to the side show how the product is used to decouple a floating concrete screed from the structural floor and what is required in respect of the ceiling beneath.  This construction will ensure that both airborne and impact noise regulations are safely achieved.

G8 is supplied in easy to handle rolls and comprise 8mm of EPDM resilient rubber bonded to a carrier layer of a tough, waterproof backing.