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Technical Specification for DIY Vehicle Soundproofing Materials

The following information shows technical performance for the main acoustic sound absorbing foam products in this kit. The product was tested with engine noise and the graph below outlines the results.

The graph shows the improvement in sound loss when the thinner SAPT120 is applied to 1.2mm steel.

clip image001 012 DIY Car Soundproofing Kit Technical Data

General Physical Data


Skin: Black
Foam: Grey
Supply Form: Available in rolls
Sheet Size: nom. 3m x 1.25m (10ft x 4ft)
Nominal Thickness: 13mm +/- 1mm
Foam: 27-30kg/m3
Barrier: 5kg/m2
Film Face:


FMVSS 302 Self-Extinguishing BS4735 Self-Extinguishing


Foam: Black
Supply Form: Available in sheets
Sheet Size: nom. 1.5m x 1m (5ft 6inches x 3ft 3inches)
Nominal Thickness: 12mm +/- 1mm
Foam: 75-90/m3
FMVSS 302 Self-extinguishing
BS 476 Part 6

and 7

Class 0

Class 1