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FRFFB6 Installation Guide

The aluminium facing on our black non-flammable foams is there to provide protection from dust and fluid ingress and should always be installed with the aluminium face topside and the adhesive applied to the opposite side. (See diagram) Normally this special film faced acoustic foam would be glued to the ‘noisy’ side of an enclosure.

All of our acoustic foams should be installed using our special aerosol adhesive that should be used according to the instructions on the tin. Whenever this soundproofing is inverted, we suggest the product has additional mechanical fixings to help it remain in place. These fixings can be screws and large washers or expanded metal secured with screws or some other means of fixing.


If there is likely to be very much fluid affecting the product, the cut edges will have to be protected.

This can be done by sealing them with silicone or a similar robust and flexible material or by compressing the edge by fixing a rigid strip of some description along each cut edge so that the edge is fully compressed.


clip image003 000 FRFFB6 Installation