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Melamine Acoustic Foam Install Guide

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Melamine Acoustic Foam are simply, quickly and easily adhered directly to ceilings and walls by using our special Spray Adhesive. The tiles can be easily cut with a Stanley knife or sharp knife.

Melamine is made from flexible open-cell resin-based acoustic foam. They are simply stuck on the walls and ceiling using our Spray Adhesive. They are very lightweight (approx. 10kg/mdensity) and simple and easy to install. They are also fibre free and have excellent sound absorption characteristics over a wide range of frequencies. Melamine sheets are made from a soft foam and can be damaged. Therefore they should only be used in places where they cannot get hit or damaged.

When applying the tiles, the under surface must be smooth, clean, dry, solid and free from dust, oil and wax residues. Under surfaces which lack sufficient solidity, for example, sandy surfaces, must first be treated with commercially available water-based primers at a dilution ratio of 1 part water to 1 part primer. Uneven surfaces must first be levelled.

The adhesive is spread evenly over the entire back surface of the sheet to be adhered or to the underside to which the sheet is to be adhered. The sheets are then positioned into place, pressed to the surface and adjusted. Any adhesive drips or excess can be wiped away while still fresh with water. During adhesion and
afterwards, attention must be paid to providing adequate ventilation to ensure quick bonding. We recommend a test adhesion be carried out before proceeding with full installation.

To prevent soiling of the tiles during adhesion, we recommend that clean gloves be worn. We recommend that adhesive is applied at a temperature range of between +10°C and 23°C.


Dimensional tolerances are +/- 3mm as standard. Due to fluctuations in atmospheric humidity, dimensional tolerance changes may occur with the Melamine Sheet. Acclimatise the sheets in the area where they are to be used for 48 hours before installation. Clean periodically using a vacuum cleaner as required.