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Acoustic Doorsets for Domestic Installation

Noise through lightweight internal doors is often a problem and budget is sometimes too restricted to exchange for a bespoke acoustic doorset.  The answer is to fit one of our Acoustic Doorseal Kits if a bespoke Acoustic Doorset is beyond budget.  Although not as efficient as an acoustic doorset the lighter weight door can still be upgraded to give more soundproofing.  With lightweight doors noise can easily penetrate through them and also leak around the edges with most noise going underneath where a larger gap can often be found.  The Acoustic Doorseal Kits include self-adhesive acoustic batwing seals that can be fitted to the sides and top of the frame and will seal the doorleaf when closed and also a two part seal for the all important threshold at the bottom.  This comprises a rubber seal that is fixed to the floor and a metal strip screwed to the bottom of the door.  When the door is closed, the metal strip seals against the rubber thus making a more efficient acoustically treated door that will leak a lot less noise when closed.  To address the low density of the door, the kit also includes a 2mm thick heavy soundproofing mat that can be fixed to one side of the doorleaf.  When a thin panel of wood is fixed on top the soundproofing mat is hidden from view and you now have a door that previously had a soundproofing value of less than 20 dB that has been upgraded to about 30dB.  For more information and help on all of our soundproofing products for domestic applications go to  www.keepitquiet.co.uk