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Acoustic Doorseal Kits for Soundproofing a Door

Becoming more and more popular are our Acoustic Doorseal Kits designed to upgrade the soundproofing properties of lightweight domestic doors often found in the home.  Bespoke Acoustic Doorsets are often too expensive for domestic use so the Acoustic Doorseal Kits are more affordable and can easily be fitted by and DIY orientated person.  The kits comprise the normal triangular shaped “batwing” seals that when fitted to the doorframe, will seal the sides and top of a door and also a two part threshold seal for sealing the gap at the bottom of the door and it is this gap that usually lets the most noise through.  In addition, the kit contains a sheet of SBM5 soundproofing mat and this can be glued or stapled to the door then covered with a sheet of ply or MDF to finish it off.  The Acoustic Doorset Kits are very easy to fit and come complete with installation instructions, adhesive screws.  The kits can be supplied to fit both single and double doors and once fitted, will improve the soundproofing properties of a typical lightweight domestic door from about 15dB to around 30dB.  Alternatively, a heavy fire door could be used which is loads cheaper than a bespoke Acoustic Doorset and if fitted with one of our Acoustic Doorseal Kits will also give enhanced soundproofing performance.  If a higher performing acoustic door is required then we can supply either a 35dB or 44dB rated doorset complete with frame and hinges.  However, because these are made to order you have to allow around five weeks for delivery after receipt of any order and payment.  For more information on our Acoustic Doors and Doorseal Kits or any other soundproofing products for the home, go to our domestic web site at www.keepitquiet.co.uk