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Acoustic Underlay

Our 4.2mm Acoustic Laminate Underlay has again been the preferred choice for one of our customers in London combined with our 2mm SBM5 soundproofing mat.  When used as the acoustic underlay beneath laminate floors it will help reduce the inevitable impact noise resulting from walking on a hard surface and also airborne noise due to the additional reverberation that is caused when noise bounces off all the hard surfaces within the room where the laminate flooring is installed.  This acoustic underlay system is easy to install and can be conducted by any person that is used to DIY.  First the Soundproofing Mat is laid over the floor to seal up the joints in the original floorboards and can be tacked down with staples or felt nails.  Then the Acoustic Laminate Underlay is installed on top without fixing and finally, the laminate flooring installed on top according to the suppliers instructions.  For more information on this system, go to our web page Acoustic Laminate Underlay.