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Domestic Pump Noise and Soundproofing Solution

Domestic water pumps for supplying showers and taps are extremely noisy and very disturbing when being used at night.  Too many people do not take this into account when having one fitted and often have them fitted in cupboards or beneath baths where space is limited.  It is only after installation that they become aware of the noise problem these pumps give off but the pumps are so badly sited it is impossible to install an effective soundproofing solution to reduce the noise.  Most of these pumps are small so it is tempting to fit them into tight spaces where they will be unobtrusive but don’t do it because it will be a mistake.

Instead when considering the purchase of one of these pumps, also think about where it should be sited so that it can be acoustically treated to reduce much of the noise the pump would otherwise give off.  The best place is in a cellar if there is one or alternatively the utility room, the loft or anywhere else where there is plenty of space. 

Now for the best way to limit the amount of sound that the pump will emit.  For best results the pump should be sited in an area where it can be enclosed in a box that will be large enough not to allow too much heat build up.  It is not usually necessary to allow for ventilation because these pumps usually only run for short periods of time.  Once the site has been established prepare a resilient base for it as follows.

Cut to size a 10mm AV (anti-vibration) mat cut to the dimensions that the inside of the box will cover and glue it to the floor.  If the site is in a loft screw down a 25mm thick MDF panel onto the joists and make it large enough to support all the sides of the box.  If the loft is already boarded the additional MDF board will not be necessary.  Once the AV mat is glued down, glue on top of it a concrete patio slab available for a few pounds from your nearest DIY superstore, garden centre or concrete slab producer if you have one in your area.  Now glue another 10mm layer of AV mat on top of the slab followed by a ply or MDF board thick enough to take the screws the pump will be screwed on with.  The enclosure should be made using 18mm MDF and lined on the inside walls and top with 32mm sound insulation remembering to make the box large enough so as not to allow too much heat build-up.

Holes will have to be cut into the box to allow the pipes access to the pump and these should be about 6mm larger than the diameter of the pipes.  The pipes themselves should be flexibly fitted to the pump and not rigidly and the holes in the box sealed with flexible Acoustic Sealant.  If necessary, the box can be assembled with screws so that it can be taken apart easily should the pump require any future attention.

The soundproofing products that we can supply are as follows.

AV Mat 1m x 1m x 10mm

B6 Sound Insulation 1200 x 900 x 32mm

Acoustic Sealant in 380ml cartridges

Aerosol Contact Adhesive

More information on these can be viewed on the Domestic side of our web site www.keepitquiet.co.uk or go directly to our web page on how to soundproof a pump via this link https://www.keepitquiet.co.uk/pump_noise.html