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Noise at Night Question and Answer


Terraced house, guy next door very heavy on his feet even on carpeted flooring. Thumps about, bangs doors/cupboards etc. His living room & bedroom right next door to mine.


Noise at night is always more disturbing than in the day time. This is because your own and other outside ambient noise has stopped.  Bearing this in mind, achieving total soundproofing from neighbours at night is extremely difficult and in many cases not possible.  However, the following may help.

Invite your neighbour round for a cup of tea or something stronger and politely discuss with him the noise problems he is creating.  It is highly possible he is totally unaware of the noise he is making and once informed, will take more care in future.  He may also be prepared to install a better underlay for his carpets that will more efficiently absorb impact noise from his feet.  Changing the hinges on cupboard doors for slow closing ones will also help as will fitting slow door closers on doors.

If all this fails the only other recourse is to apply soundproofing to the bedroom party wall.  We offer a few choices as to what can be done but for best results you need to lose about 6 inches by installing an independent, soundproofed stud wall system about 1 inch away from the existing wall.  (Our Studio Wall System). This is assuming there is no chimney breast fitted.  If there is a chimney breast this will affect the overall results of any soundproofing being carried out unless the breast can be encapsulated using the chosen soundproofing system.

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