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QuietFloor Plus Acoustic Underlay for Carpets and floors

QuietFloor Plus acoustic underlay has again been used by a homeowner to upgrade the soundproofing of a floor by installing a floating floor in his flat in London.  Normal floating floor insulation is designed for impact noise reduction only and by decoupling the floor with resilient insulation such as our R10 recycled rubber.  However, when additional airborne noise reduction is required then more mass has is required because the greater the mass in a construction, the more efficient the soundproofing becomes.  This is why QuietFloor Plus is often used because it is heavy with a mass in excess of 15kg/2.  This makes it one of the heaviest acoustic underlays available and because it is made up with a resilient recycled foam layer sandwiched in the middle, will also help to absorb impact noise from footsteps and moving chairs.  QuietFloor Plus can also be used as an acoustic underlay beneath carpets instead of normal underlay when more reduction of noise through a floor is required on a carpeted floor.