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QuietPanel. An Ultra Thin Soundproofing System for Walls

Many of our domestic customers suffer from noisy neighbours but do not have enough space to properly soundproof their party walls for best results.  Often this is due to the closeness of a door or window.  Because of this we have developed an Ultra Thin Soundproofing System for party walls using our 27mm QuietPanel.  This unique soundproofing for walls consists of a layer of higher density acoustic plasterboard bonded to an effective soundproofing material using recycled materials that when screwed to a party wall, will reduce normal noise nuisance from neighbours.  Loud noise will require a much thicker soundproofing system.  The thinner QuietPanel soundproofing system for domestic walls has been introduced due to popular demand from customers that want to reduce noise through their party wall from neighbours but do not have enough room to install a thicker, more efficient soundproofing system but want to do fit something to reduce the noise they are currently experiencing.  Using the principle of any improvement is better than none we have introduced this unique new system.  The QuietPanel soundproofing system for walls is easy to fix using screws and rawlplugs.  The panel is simply placed in position, then using a masonry drill, screw through the soundproofing panel into the masonry wall, then insert the rawlplug and screw through the panel into the wall and screw down until the head of the screw has countersunk itself into the plasterboard so that it is level with the surface.  This system is not suitable for fixing to stud walls.  For stud walls we suggest using our 50mm thick Thin Wall System.  Once the QuietPanel thinner soundproofing system has been installed, the joints should be taped and finished along with the screw heads before decorating.  More information on this system of soundproofing party walls can be found by calling them on 01993 704981

QuietPanel Soundproofing for Party Walls

When soundproofing a party wall it is often the case that it is not possible to install the thicker, more efficient systems of soundproofing due to the close proximity of a door or window.  Normally, the thicker the sound insulation, the more efficient the soundproofing becomes but when this is not possible for whatever reason, a thinner solution must be found.  Due to the fact that were often being asked to provide a thin soundproofing system for walls we developed QuietPanel soundproofing for party walls, a 27.5mm thick panel that is simply screwed to existing walls.  QuietPanel consists of 12.5mm of high density acoustic plasterboard with 15mm of  sound insulation bonded to it.  QuietPanel is simply screwed to a wall with the plasterboard on the outside and once fixed, the screw holes and joints can be filled and finished as usual prior to decorating.  The QuietPanel system of soundproofing a wall will only help reduce normal levels of noise such as speech due to its limited thickness but is proving to be a popular product because it is so thin and will still help reduce noise nuisance from the other side of a party wall.  For more information on QuietPanel and our other soundproofing products, go to the domestic section of our web site www.keepitquiet.co.uk