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Soundproof a Garage

We have many enquiries from people that want to soundproof their garage or shed so that little Johnny can bang away on his drums away from the earshot of their parents and neighbours.  Thinking of the soundproofing before installing the drum kit is always the best thing to do and it is not a difficult task for any body used to handling small tools such as a saw, hammer and screwdriver (powered is best).  All that has to be done is build a room within a room which is the basis of soundproofing any room.  For better results, a room within a room within a room will do the trick but usually garages and sheds are not big enough so we will leave that concept of soundproofing to the likes of bigger studios such as within the BBC.

There is an article on our web site that describes in detail all that is needed to soundproof a garage or shed and takes you through a step by step instruction with photographs.  To view this simply click on this link Soundproofing a Garage or Shed to take you there.  If the link does not work then simply copy and paste it into your browser address bar.  Once the soundproofing has been completed, sound absorption will be required within the room to absorb the reverberant noise otherwise the reverberation will amplify and distort the music being played and without it, the musician(s) will not be able to appreciate the true tone of the music produced.   For more information on the sound absorbers we offer for studios click on the next link Studio Acoustic Products then scroll to the bottom of the page.  The article and web pages describe all of the products required to achieve effective soundproofing and all of the products are also listed on our web site along with current prices.  To view all of our soundproofing and sound absorbing products go to the domestic side of our web site www.keepitquiet.co.uk