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Boat Engine Noise & Soundproofing

Boat engine noise reduction is often something we are asked to soundproof and we stock and supply a 32mm thick sound insulation material called SA25FF/B/6.  This is a flame resistant soundproofing material that incorporates a sound barrier mat sandwiched within the insulation and has a black, film face that is tough and resistant to most fluids associated with vehicle engines.  SA25FF/B/6 can also be used to reduce noise from hydraulic power packs, compressors and pumps as well as a wide range of other noisy equipment.  Because SA25FF/B/6 is fire resistant to motor vehicle standards, it can be used to reduce noise in plant equipment and machinery if you are a company with this type of noisy equipment.  If a greater fire rating than the SA25FF/B/6 is required, we can supply an alternative non-flammable soundproofing material called SAFRFF which is the same thickness and basic construction but the facing is aluminised.  For more information on these and our other soundproofing products go to the domestic side of our web site www.keepitquiet.co.uk