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Quietroom Technical Specifications


Outside Skin: White powder coated steel
Inside Skin: White powder coated perforated panels
Acoustic Infill: Non-flammable sound absorbing mineral wool
Soundproofing: 34dB (see Graph)
55dB upgrade: Coming Soon
Internal Sound
Absorption: See Graph
Lighting: Yes
Lockable Door: Yes
Floor Isolation: Optional
Internal Height: 2.2m
External Height: 2.5m
Other dimensions:
Booth 1
External 1.18 x 1.28m Internal 1.08 x 1.18m
Booth 2
External 1.18 x 1.87m Internal 1.08 x 1.77m
Booth 3
External 1.18 x 2.46m Internal 1.08 x 2.36m
Booth 4
External 1.18 x 3m Internal 1.08 x 2.9m
Booth 5
External 2.36 x 2.46m Internal 2.26 x 2.36m
Booth 6
External 2.36 x 3m Internal 2.26 x 2.9m
Booth 7
External 2.95 x 3m Internal 2.85 x 2.9m
Booth 8
External 3 x 3.54m Internal 2.9 x 3.44m
Booth 9
External 3 x 4.13m Internal 2.9 x 4.03m
Booth 10
External 3.54 x 3.64m Internal 3.44 x 3.54m
Booth 11
External 3.54 x 4.23m Internal 3.44 x 4.13m
Booth 12
External 4.23 x 4.72m Internal 4.13 x 4.62m
Wall Vision Panels: 900 x 900mm (when applicable)
Floor Isolation: Includes 20mm M20AD and 15mm QuietFloor Plus and two layers of 18mm MDF
Lighting Kit: The booths are supplied with a lighting kit which includes the light itself, flexible cord, RCD plug, electrical conduit and fixings

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