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SBM5 Sound Barrier Mats Technical Data

Technical data for SBM5 sound barrier mats designed to upgrade stud walls and timber suspended floors to add mass that helps reduce airborne noise nuisance.

Note:  SBM5 is a heavy product normally supplied in rolls of three mats and so may require help when lifting!

1 SBM5 graph SBM5 Technical Data

General Physical Data
Colour: Dark Grey or black
Supply Form: Sheets or rolls
Sheet Size: nom. 1200 x 1200mm (6ft x 4ft)
Nominal Thickness: 2mm +/- 0.6mm
Piece Density: 5kg/m2 +/- 10%
Service Temperatures – (Securely fixed) <90oC for extended periods <120oC for short periods>
Flammability: (FMVSS 302) – Self-Extinguishing
Shelf Life: Indefinitely in cool, dark storage conditions