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Tecsound T50 Technical Specification

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Technical data for Tecsound T50 and T50S sound barrier mat for upgrading the soundproofing of stud walls and timber joisted floors by adding mass in layers.


Density : 5kg/m2 +/- 5%
Thickness : 2.6mm +/- 5%
Sheet Size : 6m x 1.2m rolls
Flexibility : Does not break at -20°C
Crush strength : 4.84kg/cm²
Fire resistance : Euroclass B, s2, d0 (Class0 to UK equivalent)
Operating Temp. : 70°C (short term 100°C)
Melting Point : 140°C
Acoustic performance : Rw 25.2dB (When hung as a curtain)


Fire Performance

Euroclass B, s2, d0 in accordance with UNE-EN 13823:2002 and UNE-EN-ISO 11925-2:2002. (considered superior to the old BS Class 0 non-flammable rating)
• B – Likelihood of combustion very limited.  The test showed that fire does not go beyond the limited area in which a flame has been applied.
• S2 – Average emission and speed of smoke production.
• D0 – No flammable dripping produced.

The above classification makes Tecsound the superior alternative to most other sound proofing mats in terms of non-flammability.  It is the first soundproofing membrane available to receive Euroclass Certification – Euroclass.

Standards above B (A1 and A2) are given to completely non-flammable products.  Materials between Euroclass A and B are the safest in a fire situation.

Fire testing was conducted with the product hung as a curtain and with no other mechanical support or backing giving an accurate assessment of its fire resistance.

Acoustic Performance

Tecsound T50 Performance Tecsound Technical Data