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Thermafleece Sound Absorber Technical Data

Acoustic Performance

The combination of fibre structure and density gives Thermafleece excellent acoustic properties and can contribute significantly to the reduction in the passage of sound in structures in line with current UK Building Regulations and Robust Details.

Tests show that the use of Thermafleece in a 100mm cavity of a timber framed wall or floor can improve the sound reduction index by approximately 6-12dB. If a sound is reduced in level by 8dB, a person would experience more than a halving of the original sound level.

As part of the overall sound reduction measures the use of an appropriate sound absorbent material such as Thermafleece to fill wall voids will make a valuable contribution towards passing required acoustic tests under the noise regulations for separating walls.

Moisture and Temperature Control

The hygroscopic nature of natural wool fibres means that Thermafleece can act in sympathy with buildings to control internal moisture levels and contribute to a more stable and comfortable indoor environment.

When the wool in Thermafleece encounters moisture it is capable of releasing and absorbing heat. Wool releases heat when it absorbs moisture and heat and when it releases moisture it can have a stabilising influence over air temperature.

Fire Resistance

Natural wool has a higher fire resistance than cellulose and cellular plastic insulation; it will not burn but melts away from an ignition source and extinguishes itself. Thermafleece is treated with a low level of fireproofing agent to improve its intrinsic fire resistance and comply with BS 5803-4 (Spread of Fire) achieving results of zero for ignitability, spread of flame and heat evolved.

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