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Acoustic Mineral Wool Installation Instructions

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Use in Floors and ceilings

Because this product can cause irritation to the skin, protective gloves should be worn when handling the product and suitable protective wear including goggles should be worn when working above your head.

Acoustic mineral wool is supplied in slabs 1200 x 600 and can be cut to size with a sharp, long bladed knife. Acoustic mineral wool will blunt the knife quite quickly so it will be necessary to resharpen it quite often. Simply slice the slab to the correct size required ensuring it is a loose fit between the joists. Avoid cutting the insulation so that it is a tight fit because this will not work so well at controlling and absorbing noise. A loose fit will always give better sound control. If the insulation is being fitted from below, use Sta-Put aerosol contact adhesive to hold them in place and glue them to the underside of the floor above.

r barceiling1 002 225x3001 AMW Installation InstructionsFor best results, before the ceiling is replaced, Resilient Bars should be screwed across the joists at 400mm centres as shown above then two layers of high density 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard should be screwed to the bars. An even better result can be obtained if a layer of Acoustic Membrane is sandwiched between the two layers.

If fitting is from above, we advise lifting the floorboards and again cut the insulation slightly narrower than the joists. Then slot the acoustic mineral wool into the cavity space so that it rests on top of the ceiling below and avoid leaving gaps between each slab. Replace the floorboards using either angular ring nails or screws ensuring they do not squeak when walked on. Further improvements can be gained by installing either our acoustic underlay and/or at least two layers of our soundproofing mat on top of the floorboards before your final floor finish. Click the links for more information on soundproofing mats and QuietFloor PLUS acoustic underlay.

Use in Stud Walls

Fit the acoustic mineral wool between the studs, the thicker the better but only within the limitations of the cavity and cut as detailed in the section above. Do not fit oversized panels that have to be squashed when fitting the resilient bars and/or acoustic plasterboard because this again will reduce the efficiency of this sound absorbing material. If necessary, use Sta-Put aerosol adhesive again to ensure the insulation remains in place until the wall covering is put on. Then install our sound reducing Resilient Bars at 600mm centres across the studwork from floor to ceiling before plaster boarding and as shown in the pic below. Click here for more info on the sound reducing Resilient Bar system.

Rbarwall 002 300x2251 AMW Installation InstructionsTo view the technical data on this product please click here

We also supply an alternative superior sound absorber/barrier  SOUNDBLOCKER QUILT which, although more expensive, gives up to four times more sound absorption than normal mineral wool and is only 52 mm thick. This is an ideal soundproofing option if you have limited cavity space.

Acoustic Mineral Wool consists mainly of silicon oxide together with a number of metallic oxides. It is non-flammable, chemically inert and is not adversely affected by any substance it may come into contact with. The panels are Zero ODP and Zero GWP in the terms of the code for sustainable homes. Each slab is made from 22% recycled raw materials.

Random arrangement of fibres ensures no water penetration in any direction. It is rot-proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, moulds or bacteria. It will not react with wired plastic or metal wall ties, brickwork or masonry. If this insulation is being used to soundproof a garage or a music room more detailed information can be viewed on our Soundproofing a Garage page.