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Most vehicles and cars these days have sufficient sound insulation installed during production.  However, if more soundproofing is required, we can offer the following:

Spaced layer Sound Barrier Mat for the bulkhead and floor of the vehicle throughout.   SAPT220 Sound Barrier Mat is a soundproofing material that is both a sound barrier and sound absorber specifically designed to reduce engine noise, transmission noise, and road noise.  Engine noise can also be reduced with the application of a sound absorbing acoustic bonnet pad and for this we offer a very efficient self-adhesive, non-flammable black acoustic foam SA12(FR)SA  clip image002 007 Car Soundproofing Info


This acoustic foam is also available 25mm thick and as a plain sheet with no adhesive backing if preferred.

SBM5 Damper Pad

SBM5 is a mineral loaded deadsheet type Damper Pad that can be used to reduce the resonance produced by vibrating steel panels prior to installing any other type of sound insulation.  However, this sound insulation should not be installed beneath bonnets or inside vehicle doors.  Bonnets get too hot in summer and doors allow water ingress which can affect the stability of the product.  SBM5 Deadsheet is a plain sound insulation that does not require gluing.  It works best simply laid directly onto any steel panel and is then easily removed should it become necessary.


Dear Sir / Madam

                             A short e-mail to say thankyou  for solving my problem of how to quieten my old series landrover.  After fitting a 2.5 T.D.I diesel engine the noise inside the cab was to say the least a little loud.  After trying numorous types of glues, carpet and failing, I came across your website.  After watching a demonstration for deadsheet on u-tube I was impressed and thought maybe this could work.  Bought a few sheets, put them in the footwells, seatbox and rear wheel tubs, what a difference.  Didn’t stop there I bought some of your self adhesive fire retardant foam ( SA12 FR SA ) colour black, and put that in the roof, panel sides and inside the doors.  What do you know, the noise level has dropped from both the engine and bodywork vibration, it feels warmer on cold days and during this short summer we are having it feels cooler. So thanks again Sound Service for a very reasonably priced product, that may not be advertised for the use I found for it, BUT believe me it does the job you stick it on, it stays on, its quiet and it looks good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mr R A Hewitt


Van bodies and floors are often uninsulated and create a lot of reverberation type noise and vibration inside.  Floors of vans can be soundproofed with our Acousticel M20AD mats which can be bonded to the floor with our special Sprayable Adhesive.  M20AD is a recycled rubber product that presents a hard wearing and durable surface but due to its open cell structure, will become soiled very easily.  To prevent this, we recommend a board surface is bonded to the top of the M20AD soundproofing to make it more durable.

The interior bodies of vans can be soundproofed with our sound absorbing foams. These are easy to cut and fit and can be glued in situ either with our self-adhesive versions or with the aid of our special adhesive.   Click here for more info.