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Photosorption Sound absorbing pictures

1261 Photosorption Sound absorbing pictures

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Size:  From 600 x 600mm to 1200 x 2700mm  available in 25mm or 40mm thickness. (2ft x 2ft to 4ft x 9ft)

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This panel is the perfect solution for combining a great acoustic absorber with a fresh modern image, company logo or a product photograph.

Key Benefits

  • You can use your own image or company logo
  • Class C Sound absorber
  • Great sound absorption whilst still being subtle and discreet
  • Select an image from our database
  • Class 0 fireproof
  • Clean and very easy to install
  • Available in many sizes


Reduction of sound reverberation is important in large open plan areas such as restaurants, museums, offices, conference rooms and shopping malls. To address this problem, we have now introduced a sound absorbing panel that can have a photograph or image of your choice printed upon it.

When mounted on a wall, this acoustic panel will effectively absorb noise at that point and efficiently reduce the ‘bounce back’ of the sound. This is particularly effective in areas where a large amount of noise is generated and affected by the surrounding hard surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings and the more there are installed the greater the reduction will be from this type of reverberated noise.


clip image002 0131 Photosorption Sound absorbing pictures


By adding porous materials to the walls of a room, reflected  noise is partially absorbed thereby damping the echo effect and  so making the overall environment more pleasant and easier to  communicate. It is important to use effective sound absorbing  panels for this, which will also fit in with the aesthetics of the  room or building.


stephens rose1 Photosorption Sound absorbing pictures


Photosorption has been specifically created to fill this  requirement and cleverly disguise our acoustic sound absorbing  panels as artwork. Photographs or specifically created images  and company logos. This creative solution to successfully  reduce echo and reverberation is a great success for areas  where aesthetics and quality of life is of high priority.


The panels can be printed with any photograph of your own as long as it is of high enough picture quality.

If you supply us with a high resolution image of your logo, or a picture of your choice, we can print this onto a sound absorbing panel that can then be mounted on the walls of any area where reverberated noise nuisance is a real problem. PLEASE NOTE THAT SUPPLYING YOUR OWN IMAGE WILL INCUR A SURCHARGE.

All you have to do is supply us with a photograph or image with a minimum of 360 DPI, which can normally be supplied to us on a cd. Pictures of this quality are normally taken on film because digital images are not normally of a high enough resolution.

The facing of each sound absorber is 100% polyester. This is used for its acoustic transparency and high digital printing quality.

The printed image is wrapped around the edge of each panel and fixed to the back to create a neat finish so it is best if an image is chosen that has plenty of space around the edges to facilitate this.

Alternatively, choose an image from our photo gallery above. If you have a specific image in mind please call us on 0845 363 7131 and ask for our technical department who will be pleased to advise you on its suitability.


Photosorption acoustic panels have a very efficient, highly sound absorptive inner core of semi rigid acoustic mineral wool. Combined with the digitally printed acoustically transparent polyester covering, the panel presents a very attractive sound absorber that will aesthetically and acoustically enhance restaurants, museums, galleries, libraries, conference rooms, offices, dining rooms, cinemas, music venues, shopping malls, airports, banks, classrooms, reception areas, retail environments and many others.


They are easily bonded to a wall using our Sta-Stuck special adhesive that makes installation very easy. Full details on how to install these panels can be obtained by referring to our fixing guide.


Note!  This product will be made up according to the size and image required.  Because this product is tailored to customers requirements, we cannot offer any refunds for its return.

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