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Anti-Vibration Mats for Isolating Washing Machine Noise

Our Anti-Vibration mats have been hugely popular for reducing structure borne noise from noisy vibrating equipment and machinery such as domestic washing machines and treadmills among other machinery that is not too heavy.  Until now the AV mats have been 20mm thick but have now been improved using a more resilient EPDM rubber that is softer and therefore acoustically more efficient.  This has meant that we have been able to reduce the thickness of the Anti-Vibration mats from 20mm down to 10mm with increased performance.  Because the thicker Anti-Vibration mats often could not be used due to limited space, the thinner 10mm Anti-Vibration mats can now be used in many more locations where space is more limited.

The Anti-Vibration mats are designed to isolate and absorb the noise and vibration from being transmitted into the floor where the equipment is sited so transmission of this noise is less likely to penetrate to other parts of the building.  Anti-Vibration mats are more often used to isolate washing machines from the floor in flats where noise nuisance to neighbours beneath can be more of a problem.

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