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Noise through a party wall

Many people think that just applying a sheet of extra plasterboard to a party wall is all that is required to give a vast improvement to lowering the noise from their neighbours.  In reality there would be no noticeable improvement.  Noise from neighbours can take several forms and some which can only be addressed through action by the local authority because the noise they are making is loud and anti-social that cannot be silenced by adding soundproofing to the party wall.  Such anti-social noise would be music being played loudly so that it can be heard outside as well as your side of the party wall.  Or loud and raised voices, shouting and screaming, none of which can be controlled with the addition of sound insulation.  And finally, slamming doors.  With the exception of slamming doors, all of these noise problems can only be solved via action by the local authority.  Quiet closers can be fitted to doors so they close without slamming.Also, noise at night, even if it is not loud will most likely always be heard when in bed at night and awake.  This is because the normal daytime background noises in your own home that mask other noises are usually switched off at night and it is in this quieter environment that you are more easily able to hear other noises not normally noticed.  Again, it is unlikely that noise at night can be totally silenced but the upside is, if the noise is the same every night, usually you will get used to it and enjoy a good night’s sleep.Back to noise through a party wall and how to address it.  In the daytime if it is normal noise such as normal levels of speech (talking) or music, television and radio being played at reasonable volumes, good results can usually be obtained by adding soundproofing to the wall which will reduce noise from coming directly through the wall.  However, walls with a chimney breast cannot be soundproofed as efficiently as walls without a chimney breast.More short articles will be written about how to soundproof a home so keep a look out for them.  In the meantime, if you require any further information about how to soundproof your party wall go to soundproof a party wall .This article is just an introduction to the types of noise experienced through party walls.  More about noise through walls will be published in the near future and also how to soundproof them in more detail.  There will be more articles on noise through party walls and how to address it to follow this one so look out for them.