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QuietBoard Acoustic Flooring

Our QuietBoard, a high density acoustic flooring is a big hit with one of our northern customers. They consistently use the QuietBoard floating floor system as their preferred option when changing buildings into multi-occupied residences. QuietBoard is used along with our R10, a resilient recycled rubber isolating layer designed to absorb vibrations therefore reduce impact noise through floors which in turn is on top of a 2mm layer of SBM5 soundproofing mat designed to seal up the joints of existing floors.
When this system is used along with a decoupled upgraded ceiling and an acoustic infill between the joists of 100mm of AMW100 acoustic mineral wool, exceptionally good sound testing results are obtained. Using the QuietBoard system of soundproofing for separating floors is not the cheapest solution to help meet Part E compliance for the reduction of noise through separating floors but it is by far the most reliable as long as it is installed in accordance with the instructions supplied with each order. A higher initial outlay will be a far better investment than opting for a cheaper alternative that does not perform and leading to more expense in analysing the reason for the failure before putting it right. Not to mention the delay in making the property available for use.
So if you are a construction company about to get involved in the change of use of a building into flats have a look at our system to meet Part E compliance for separating floors via this link


If the link does not work simply copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser.  Selecting this system will be one of the best decisions you make concerning sourcing the best materials for the contract.