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Soundproofing a ceiling with Resilient Bars

When upgrading the soundproofing of a timber joisted ceiling, it is always best to decouple the new ceiling using Resilient Bars which are a flexible link between the plasterboard and the underside of the joists.  When an upgraded soundproofed ceiling is installed in this way it decouples the mass of the plasterboard from the joists which substantially reduces noise transfer.  When fitting the bars it is also advisable to insert between the joists and sitting on top of the bars, 100mm of our AMW100 Acoustic Mineral Wool.  This will enhance the soundproofing of the ceiling and make the efficiency of the Resilient Bars that bit better.  When the bars and AMW have been fitted, screw a double thickness of 15mm high density Acoustic Plasterboard to the bars to complete the job.  For more information on our Resilient Bar system along with our other soundproofing materials, go to our domestic web site www.keepitquiet.co.uk