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Soundproofing for Walls

Our M20AD soundproofing for walls has again been specified and supplied for an MOD contract.  M20AD is a 20mm thick, high density recycled rubber designed to block and absorb noise.  When applied to any wall with two thicknesses of 15mm Acoustic Plasterboard fixed on top, a good level of noise reduction is achieved with the soundproofing taking up just 50mm of space.  It is because of this the MOD use this product to reduce speech from being heard in adjacent rooms and is ideal for application onto lightweight partitioning that is often used to separate offices.  The M20AD solution can be used to help ensure privacy within any room and is quick and easy to install.  This product is also used to upgrade party walls and will help reduce normal levels of noise that would not normally be expected to be heard.  So this is the ideal acoustic solution for soundproofing a party wall in a domestic situation.  For more information on our M20AD soundproofing for walls, go to our web site www.keepitquiet.co.uk.

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