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Upgrade Sound Insulation of Floor

Although originally developed as part of a system of soundproofing to comply with the Part E regulations for the control of noise through floors, our R10 recycled rubber resilient insulation is often the preferred option by domestic flat owners that wish to upgrade the soundproofing of their floors.  R10 is a resilient insulation designed for use beneath a floating floor to reduce impact noise as well as airborne noise.  The floating floor can be our high density QuietBoard, a tongued and grooved acoustic floor board or engineered flooring at least 18mm thick which is popular these days.  Fitting a floating floor system with our R10 directly on top of an existing floor will give an immediate benefit in sound loss through the floor but for even better results, AMW type acoustic mineral wool should also be fitted loosely between the joists.  More information including installation instructions for all of our noise control products can be viewed on our web site www.keepitquiet.co.uk