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Wall Soundproofing

Many of our customers want to reduce noise through a party wall but do not want to lose much space or have limited space.  We all know the more space that can be spared the greater the soundproofing effect will be but for some, the noise they can hear through a wall is so annoying that although they an only fit a limited amount of soundproofing, any reduction is better than none.  We can help in these situations because we stock M20AD, a high density, recycled rubber mat that is both sound absorbing as well as a sound barrier and is only 20mm thick.  Because it has to be fitted with a double thickness of high density acoustic plasterboard on top, the thickness is increased by 2 x 12.5mm (25mm) or 2 x 15mm (30mm) for a greater improvement.  Therefore, the total thickness using this system would be 45mm of 50mm using the thicker plasterboard.  The 20mm thick panel is otherwise known as our Thin Wall Soundproofing System which has been successfully soundproofing party walls since its introduction into the UK in 1987 and is the best product for reducing normal levels of noise nuisance.  As the thickness is limited, reduction of loud noise or bass noise will never be as good but some reduction in these noise levels can still be enjoyed.

Installation is easy and all of the products are glued using our low odour, Sta-Put aerosol contact adhesive and cutting carried out using a sharp Stanley type knife.

For some people even 45mm is too thick so for these cases we offer a 27.5mm thick acoustic  insulation for party walls that is a one part application called QuietPanel or Ultra Thin Wall Soundproofing System and is ideal for party walls that have the close proximity of a window or door frame limiting the thickness of soundproofing that can be applied.  QuietPanel comprises a layer of high density acoustic plasterboard bonded to recycled soundproofing and this panel is simply screwed to the wall.  The panels are offered up to a wall then using a masonry drill, drilled through the panel into the wall to the required depth then secured with screws and rawlplugs that are fitted through the panel into the wall and tightened.  Again trimming can be done with a sharp knife or fine toothed saw.  Once installed, the joints are taped and the wall can be plaster skimmed to finish before decorating.

Both systems are stock items and can be delivered very quickly.  For more information on soundproofing a wall or party wall, go to our web site www.keepitquiet.co.uk or call us on 01993704981