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Washing Machine Noise

Recent Question

I want to move a washing machine upstairs. At the end of a corridor i have a 5′ sq space for it, can strip off floorboards. What is your best solution to prevent the spin cycle vibrating throughout the house? I am happy with any finished surface, even concrete flags!


Thank you for your enquiry.  It is likely the footprint of the washing machine is 600 x 600mm although size is not important because the principle of reducing noise and vibration from the machine remains the same.  And that is to mounted the washing machine on 25mm thick ply which in turn would be on top of our 10mm Anti-Vibration Mat.  Normally, this can be installed without disturbing the floorboards but the addition of 100mm of AMW100 between the joists will further help reduce noise nuisance through the floor.  More info about our AV Mats can be viewed on our web site via the following link

Anti-Vibration Pad

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